Rubber Festoon

Mar 27, 2013

 It's no secret at all that I adore the feel, the scent and the texture of rubber. I posess a fantastic fashion collection of rubber catsuits, rubber uniforms, rubber underwear and rubber corsets, all of which are regularly worn in my Hanwell chambers as I session with my lucky slaves. So, given my predilection for tight rubber, it was a treat to meet a charming slave today who clearly feels even more enthusiastic about rubber games than me. There was never any possibility that this meeting of like minds was going to end up in any way other than a complete rubber-fest as I pulled out all of the stops to encase him in as wide a selection of rubber bondage as I could possibly imagine. The session started in my upstairs dungeon where I took my time selecting just the right rubber clothes to dress my slave for the journey ahead. What my slave did, perhaps, not fully realise was that the head-to-toe outfit in which he finally moved downstairs to my medical room was just the first of many, many layers that were going to grace his body that day. I had taken the precaution of laying out my heaviest, inflatable rubber bondage bag on the medical examination table, all ready for him to slide into and feel the sensation of being totally cut off from the outside world and utterly dependent on me if he ever wanted to be released again. Inside this I had placed an even tighter rubber body-bag. However, first came new sensations with thick rubber stockings, full-length rubber opera gloves, an extra layer of a tight-fitting rubber suit, a mask to be worn inside the bag and a rubber inflatable gag. With all the layers I encouraged him to wear one on top of the other it was lucky that I could even get him inside the bag and zip it tight around his head and body. His mouth tube protruded through all of those layers, and a strategically placed opening allowed me access to his most sensitive areas for the torment he was going to have to endure to balance all the pleasure he was getting from his favourite fetish material.

After starting with the inner bag zipped and the outer bag open (to help him on his hypos journey with the 'Nova Pro', I moved on to inflating the bag to the max and strapping it down on my bench (only stopping briefly to record the event for posterity with a photograph for my twitter followers).

What followed was a lengthy mixture of rubber enclosure interspersed with delights such as metal sounds inserted down his helpless cock, my watersports drip fed down his breathing tube and heavy doses of electrics. Of course, being the thoughtful Mistress that I am, there was also pleasure from the incessant wanking of my milking machine which managed to rapidly suck one orgasm from his body before we had anywhere near finished. It was gratifying to see that with just a little more attention from your's truly - and a second bout on the irresistible rythyms of the Serious Kit milker, my subbie managed a second orgasm before we put our rubber outfits away for another day. I think my lovely slave enjoyed himself so much, that that day will not be far away.

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