Jan 17, 2014

Several tight fitting rubber hoods, an inflatable rubber body bag & my most restrictive, pump-up, rubber breathing mask were all needed to control one of my slaves this week. The rubber bondage was so extreme that only the faintest muffled moans could be heard emanating from the depths of my latex-mummified subbie. Naturally, I was chatting away happily anyway, telling him precisely what exceptionally painful tortures were soon coming his way, so I couldn’t really tell what he was saying - but I'm pretty sure it was something on the lines of 'Extra rubber layers please Mistress' or 'Hurt me more please.' It didn't really matter much because once I am in a rubber mood then that is what my slaves are going to have to endure anyway. This slave was encased top-to-toe in rubber, even before I started putting him inside my bags. The multiple layers were fascinating: first came a skintight rubber catsuit, then one of my new, slightly larger, medical green bodybags, and lastly the inflatable heavy, black body bag that I can pump up into a rubber sarcophagus that envelops my victim in a cocoon of air, top and bottom and produces a unique sensation of floating in rubber heaven.

With him wrapped up and inflated as firmly as possible, I was anxious to try out one of my new inflatable breathing hoods which seal around your face so securely that my rebreathing equipment can take away the last vestiges of any slave's free-will. I decided it was then time that I woke up his senses with some serious electrical therapy. Powering up the electric butt plug buried deep in his arse, I realised that was good for his rear was good for his front parts as well. Accordingly, I coated one of my larger electrical sounds in lube and slipped it effortlessly into the tiny slit at the head of his cock. More mumbled sounds of gratitude (or might they have been screams?) came from the faceless rubber bag which once had been a human being, and some sort of reward for his suffering was clearly in order. After playing with the sounds for a little longer to ensure his urethra was stretched and shocked to my complete satisfaction I slipped his cock into the tube of my Serious Kit milking machine and set the speed at a frustratingly steady wanking speed. What a kind Mistress I can be at times! As an hour or so sped by I contented myself with tweaking his electrics, controlling his breathing and - as a special treat - replacing the masturbation of the machine for a while with my own rubber-gloved hands. From within the rubber folds came a growing cry of pleasure and a climax which will reinforce his love for latex. Rubber Man will be back!

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