Rubber Mummification Milking

Feb 24, 2015

Imprisoned within a rubber suit, inside a rubber body bag, inside a rubber inflatable sarcophagus and all topped off with a heavy, tight-fitting, pump-up rubber mask. That was the fate awaiting the latest rubber patient in my Hanwell Medical Clinic as I got into rubber mummification and torture mode this week. Being a thoughtful Mistress, I did admister quite a lot of my special aroma therapy and medication to ease my slave's suffering, but then decided to up the ante even more by electrifying his hidden metal butt-plug, his nipples clamps and even his bound up cock and balls. It was such fun to hear him moaning and suffering from under all the layers of heavy latex as I played around with different, ever-higher settings on the electo-stim boxes supplying enough painful current to power half of West London.

This was a long, long session of rubber torment and I was gratified to note that as the time ticked by my slave got more and more compliant (not that he had any choice in the matter) and began asking for harder and harder torture of his cock, presumably to try and take his poor, fucked-up mind off the overwhelming fear of being encased in pitch blackness within so many layers and under so many straps and ties on my medical bench. With electrics pumping, heavy medication delivered at regular intervals and with the rubber suit pumped up to the max pressure, I decided that only some serious metal sounds were likely to increase his torment sufficiently to satify my sadistic lust. I could feel his anticipation growing - along with his cock - as he heard me laying out the metal sounds in the medical room and dribbling some sterile lube into his cock shaft prior to starting his urethral stretching regime.

My alter ego Nurse Despair does believe in keeping her patients informed about their treatment and I think my patient did appreciate me explaining in some detail just how big was each metal sound being slid deep into the length of his shaft. He appreciated, even more, me explaining each time that I removed one sound, that a bigger, fatter one was going to take its place. "Ah... poor thing... was that extremely uncomfortable? Well... just wait till the next one comes along and the discomfort increases even more. But never mind, nurse is soon going to increase the level of medication to make your mind swim..."

Of course, all good things must eventually pass, and after several hours I judged that my patient was probably in serious need of some sexual release. The clue was in his increasingly desperate moans and increasingly louder pleas that I shold torture his cock 'till it spurted.' Sometimes it is advisable to leave a patient deeply frustrated and unsatisfied, but on this occasion I thought that he had accepted his treatment so well that some final pleasure was in order. Naturally, however, his Mistress was never going to make it easy for him to empty those swollen balls. Nurse started with some slow and gentle treatment on the Venus wanking machine, deliberately picking a tube and a speed setting that would increase frustration rather than produce a quick milking. Then came some hand manipulation to up his excitement to danger levels, and finally some teasing touches with the powerfull Magic Wand vibrator. When Nurse despair judged that he could take not a moment's more frustration, she kindly pushed the wand hard against the head of his shaft to produce a gratifyingly full condom.

When he finally did cum, it was hard to decide if the screeches and cries from under the multiple rubber layers were of pain, terror, or intense pleasure - but it didn't really matter: in Hanwell Clinic, no-one can hear you scream!

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