Rubber Trouble

Mar 9, 2013

Troubled by some long term kink related problems, my patient has come to my very private clinic to see if anything can be done to resolve this affliction, as the fascination with bondage has taken over his life and is presenting all manner of problems. Issues reported include a lack of concentration at work, an addiction to seeking out more and more extreme porn and finally repeated masturbation. My suffering male has been having fantasies about bondage since his earliest recollection but this childhood fascination of being kidnapped has manifested itself into a serious 'latex arousal' that is out of control.

My patient seems somewhat perturbed that I'm female, tall, strikingly beautiful and dressed in provocative clothing. I attempt to put him at ease by assuring him of my credentials and experience (not to mention my professional work ethic and impressive track record of curing patients), and that he shouldn't be shy about discussing any issues of an intimate nature. The service is confidential and I am not easily shocked.

My patient explains that he has been having fantasies about bondage ever since I can remember, from childhood fascination with characters in stories being kidnapped and tied up, to early adolescent experimentation with self-bondage and touching himself, and carrying on into an adult sexual obsession. He frequently thinks about being tightly bound and gagged, and in the last few years has become extremely interested in rubber as a material, finding it increasingly exciting by the sight, feel and smell of it. These two fetishes have combined, and he's constantly thinking about being bound from top to toe in rubber and kept in secure inescapable captivity. He's now finding that his thoughts wander to such things so much that it's distracting me from my work, and that he has to masturbate every night in order to be able to sleep without being tormented by perverted dreams.

I explain that I can indeed help with his issues but my methods are somewhat controversial and unusual, and it's vital that he places his trust in my work completely. Desperate to be free of his kinky thoughts my patient readily agrees to try whatever is suggested, though being told to remove all his clothing appears somewhat shocking and he protests to whether this is strictly necessary, but is informed in no uncertain terms that it's absolutely essential to the success of the treatment. Nervously my patient undresses in front of me whilst I take various items from the hooks on the walls and lay them out next to me. It's only then that my patient notices that the consulting room is of a somewhat unusual layout and decor, containing a long bench with straps plus various bizarre looking items around the room. I assure my patient that these are part of the specialist medical equipment the facility has and continue to insist that he disrobe. My patient pauses when he gets down to his underwear but I fix him with my most powerful look and repeat that it's ALL the clothing that needs to be removed.

I then explains that what is needed is some extreme 'aversion therapy' in which patients are subjected to the things that they fantasize about, but with various additional elements introduced that will distract and help to conquer all perversions. One of the items that I have prepared is an all-in-one rubber outfit complete with feet and gloves. I assist getting the tight fitting garment on, stretching the rubber over his naked body. Once zipped up it is a very snug fit and my patient is embarrassed to discover that he's becoming aroused. I smile and assure that this is a perfectly natural reaction at this stage in the therapy and that the best thing is to relax and accept that he's in capable hands. I pull a latex hood over his head which fits into all the contours of the face like a second skin, and when zipped up gives a feeling of being totally enclosed. A sense of unreality enters the situation as my patient begins to drift into a completely different mental state, further exacerbated when I instruct him to 'open your mouth', promptly pushing a gag in, and strapping it around the back of the hood, pumping the gag up so that its only my speech that is audible, patients need to be seen and not heard. My patient begins to let out a startled moan. I explain that some patients have second thoughts once the therapy begins in earnest and it's important that any doubts are silenced whilst i carry out the most important stages of the treatment.

My patient is then led over to the bench table that he'd noticed earlier, which he is then told to lie down on. Straps are placed around his wrists, ankles, arms, legs and chest so he's completely unable to move. As this stage, the therapy begins to bring to life some of his most fundamental sexual desires, and he finds that he’s becoming extremely turned on. He strains against the bonds to no avail and finds the sensation to be weirdly comforting. I announce that I'm satisfied that I've executed phase 1 of the therapy to my satisfaction, but before I can discharge him it is my duty to make him go through many more phases. This will involve different bondage positions, more layers of rubber and different hoods, whilst all the time introducing the additional elements that will hopefully cure him of his unusual interests. The patient seems somewhat disconcerted when informed that these 'additional elements' will include breath control, electrical treatment, spanking, and even anal violation. My patient says that he is having doubts about what kind of clinic this is, but by this point I've begun to place some strange aromas under my nose that lull him into a docile and content state and he's hardly in a position to object as he's completely bound, gagged and helpless. I like to leave a lasting impression throughout the appointment thus far that I'm extremely capable and aware of what I'm doing so therefore my patient begins to submit completely to the treatment and starts to get very excited about what will happen next....


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