Santa in July????

Jul 17, 2012

Why you may ask is Mistress Miranda dressed as Santa Claus in July, complete with full bushy white beard, long fur trousers and full covering jacket?? Well never let it be said that an off the cuff remark doesn’t occasionally come back to bite you in the ass....well as one of my slaves found out to his detriment. You know me, always looking to fuck with a slaves mind and today is of course no exception. Listening to an account of my subs failed sexual encounter with a group of Santa’s helpers, finishing the story with ‘there couldn’t be anything less erotic than Christmas costumes’, a light bulb appeared over my head as a remembrance of a specific costume id recently tidied away in my armoury. Could indeed I turn my slave, could he learn to love Santa in a whole new way??

My Santa costume was not all that I enlisted, a little trip to the white room for some heavy duty straight jacket bondage, a huge electric butt plug, the breathing machine fitted and a continual wank from the Venus 2000 set the scene for the ‘mind turn’. With all the necessary paraphernalia placed and working, my continual verbal assault on the senses, could my worthless sub get erotically charged at his worst bet his life he could! Another case of proof, Mistress is ALWAYS right and her brainwashing skills are 2nd to none.

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