Screams and Mistress Bel Jeste!

Apr 18, 2012

Had the walls not so well insulated the screams would have travelled far and wide this afternoon. I met Bel Jeste today, someone I've wanted to meet for a long long time now. She is such fun to be with, that the aforementioned screams were of laughter (not of pain as usual from my suffering sub!!!). Laughter and merriment really sums up the afternoon, however, I digress, let's start from the beginning.

Bel Jeste has as established reputation and I'm always glad to receive an email regarding a lucky subbie who needed two pairs of hands to keep him under control. Gladly, I accepted our date of delight and in trotted our plaything for the day, shortly followed by Bel herself. Bel and I concocted a wild fantasy ride, converting our otherwise everyday specimen into such a unique creature that (I hope he will allow a few photos to grace my site) wetting ourselves with laughter at the fun we were having meant 3 hours just melted away into nothing.

After some coaxing into TV wear, gagged and forcibly made up our demoness suddenly seemed to be threatening to steal our thunder; bigger breasts than I, more curled and glossy hair that Bel, what are two very easily bruised egos to do but to teach the new temptress what us real girls can do. Vet wrap seemed the perfect method of bondage to trap our helpless strumpet, shortly followed by a sound OTK spanking from us each in turn. Next, our little floozy was encased and turned into some human furniture, perfect for us to relax on.

Not content with this humiliation, Bel and I selected some suitable coloured wrap for Phase 2 of our plan. What better way than to encompass the mummified form than tie her to a pole and have her tray and all become the perfect side table. Of course I couldn't help wondering if others who happened to pass by the dungeon that day would know her 'real' gender...'Guess what's under here' and a big arrow pointing to the hidden parts offered no end of amusement for Bel and I. I think my creative juices were well and truly flowing by now as more marker pens were pulled out and a doll like serene face applied, breast (complete with nipples) and a large yellow 'appendage' applied to the area of concern.

Shrieking with laughter, we had to capture this on camera, as indeed we continued to snap happy when we moved the tied up tartlet to the suspension body board and had her doing the 'Supergirl impression, i.e. floating on air. Of course this exposed the poor dears arse perfectly for some anal electrics, coupled with the ball electrics, Bel and I couldn't help laughing our thigh boots off as bits and bobs bounded beautifully....

Phase 3, Upstairs....Lets change the dolls face, add more vet wrap to concoct a corset (drawn on top) and then get her with her legs apart on the bondage table. Electrics strapped the vitals, Bel painted the most shocked look possible on top of the vet wrap on the new lady's face. This time instead of serenity, she had that ' Betty Paige' opened mouth terror, or was it sweet Gwendolyn, whose to say. What started as 'oh my god' finished as 'oh my goodness' as little missy was very securely tied and the powerful magic wand worked its magic once again.

Thanks to you both, I had a whale of a time.....and now back to packing those boxes....

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