Feb 9, 2013

 I do so love it when one of my cruel plans comes to fruition and jumbles up and controls the feeble brain of one of my slaves. The secret, as any good mistress knows, is to pick and play away on the slave’s weakness until the wretch is so stressed that it blurts out its innermost secrets and fears as ammunition for future sessions. That was the case when one of my regular devotees begged me for my attention and soon found himself strapped down on the bondage bench in the upstairs dungeon at Hanwell Towers. Knowing how frustrated and desperate he was, I had left the slave to strip and then wait until I was ready to deal with him. Of course, I took my time about freshening myself up and picking out a suitable rubber outfit which gave him plenty of time to wonder what torment was to come his way. I was gratified to see that by the time I deigned to walk into the room, he had already fitted himself with nipple-clamps, collar and pump up gag in a futile attempt to earn my approval. It did at least keep him quiet while I considered exactly what treatment was required.

The extensive files (lie) that I keep on all of my slaves showed me that this one was highly sexually-driven, always craving attention to his cock and balls and hoping that his Mistress would allow him a little pleasure at the end of a lot of pain. I decided there and then, therefore, to spoil any pleasure that he might anticipate, and to teach him once and for all that it is entirely at my discretion whether he ever gets any enjoyment from his pathetic male genitalia. The first step was to lull him into a sense of false security by promising that before the end of the session I would tease and stimulate his cock with my powerful vibrator. All of my followers know that I always keep[ my promises, and so his grateful slave eyes lit up with anticipation, little knowing that my cunning plan would ensure that he was going to get zero pleasure out of the vibrations, however much he craved for relief.

With my subbie firmly restrained, I started off his treatment with one of my sharpest pinwheels rolling around between his legs and across his cock and balls. I find that putting a little extra pressure on right at the end of the cock, under the foreskin, causes the greatest discomfort, and slave was soon writhing and begging me to stop. My response was to spray a liberal amount of “Stud,” the delay spray all over the painful area and then slowly massage it in as I waited for it to take full effect. Of course, while waiting it was essential that I continued with the pinwheel treatment: the way he wriggles as the pain continues tells me exactly how numb the area is becoming . I soon realised that even stronger treatment was going to be necessary and reinforced the Stud spray with some strong applications of medical Lidocaine which I knew would soon kill any sensation whatsoever on the head and shaft of his equipment.

The effect was better than I had hoped for. Slave was soon reporting that he had no sensations at all in the affected area, which allowed me to keep my promise and bring in my vibrator to tease and stimulate the end of his deadened cock. The beauty is that, even without any pleasure sensations, the vibration still squeezed a full load of spunk from his balls: a successful milking with little or none of that annoying fun for the victim. In the aftermath of his ruined orgasm, the still-desperate slave started revealing some of his deepest secrets, including his greatest fears of suffocation that he had never revealed to anyone before. Silly slave: every detail is now recorded in my memory banks, and in my clinic files to ensure that one day (soon) he will come face to face with his worst nightmare in a way that will leave him a gibbering wreck in my hands.

Oh… I almost forgot the delicious postscript: a day later my slave was messaging me to report that his cock had remained numb throughout the night and much of the next day. His own attempts at wanking to relieve his frustration had therefore come to naught and pissing was only possible if he sat down like a little girlie to avoid losing all control over the stream’s direction. So gratifying to hear how successful my treatment had been.

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