See Food (And Eat It) Diet

Oct 29, 2013

What a tough life your poor Mistress sometimes has to lead? This week sees me working hard filming once again, albeit with the consolation of being in the delightful company of the beautiful Fetish Lisa and her husband Kinky Natasha, along with a bevy of hapless male and female slaves who we plan to torment to the full under the Mediterranean sun. The other consolation is that this is all taking place in the confines of a luxurious and Oh-so-secluded villa in the hills of Southern Spain. Our private eight-acre estate is so large that we have to cross a 50 metre long, wooden suspension bridge just to get to the other side of the garden. I have a feeling that the bridge is going to feature heavily in some of our kinkiest film productions this week; After all, as the name suggests, nothing is likely to offer more suspension points for my creative style of outdoor bondage than a suspension bridge! I’m writing this at the end of a very long but very satisfying day, travelling from the gloom of London to the sunshine of Spain, pausing for a quick dip in the sea, a lazy seafood lunch and the obligatory holiday ice-cream on the coast before driving up the lonely, unmade road that leads to our villa. This location, and the slaves we have in attendance, offer Fetish Liza and I a wealth of opportunities for naughty films which will grace my members’ club site in the weeks and months to come. I may even produce a fun ‘behind the scenes’ movie of how I make movies, a cheeky idea partly spurred on by seeing the lovely Liza’s bare bum cheeks as she went for a skinny dip in our indoor pool before dinner last night. One of my wretched male slaves was so het up at the sight that I decided it was vital to crush any inappropriate thoughts about his Mistresses from his head straightaway. Liza and I decided to start his training immediately by immovably locking a stainless steel metal collar around his neck for the duration of his stay. If he is feeling a little hard done-by now as he tries to sleep with his neck encased in a metal ring then wait and see what other tormenting treats I have on store for my subbie-retinue over the days to come. I have packed a wide variety of my most interesting bondage and torture equipment for the trip and my fellow domme Fetish Liza has come armed with her own plans for some interesting and bizarre games to play whilst we’re here. The only downside so far is that in this sexy and kinky film location atmosphere, your slim and toned Mistress is finding it hard to keep to her strict eating regime diet in order that she may look at her best in front of the cameras. One particularly stupid slave has already earned himself the most severe promise of retribution with his bad-taste joke that your Mistress is following a ‘See-food (and eat it) diet.’ The poor wretch does not yet realise just how much suffering that little jest is going to cost him over the week to come. Watch this space and the member’s Club blogs link for more news as my latest trip unfolds. Bookmark and Share
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