Serious Kit Prototype Hood

Mar 22, 2015

Sometimes I come across a piece of kit that takes my breath away in admiration... or even better... takes my slave's breath away in desperation by enclosing them in skintight rubber from head to toe with just a small breathing tube conncting them to the reality of the outside world. That was the case this week when my friends from 'Serious Kit' (the makers of my fabulous medical-milking machine) let me test drive and film their latest prototype creation in the new medical wing at Hanwell Towers. To match this exciting, new piece of all-encompasing, heavy latex equipment I had one of the world's great rubber-lovers in American bondage model and Domme, Elise Graves, a woman who adores the feel of restrictive rubber more than anyone else I know.

I had the clinic suite set up for filming bright and early, and even though Elise had been feeling a little under the weather on her trip to the UK, it was obvious that she just couldn't wait to get into the new Serious Kit Vac suit laid out on my medical bench. But the first business of the day was to film an interview between Stuart, the genius who designs these 'Serious Kit' creations and Mark, my San Francisco film-maker friend who runs some of the most exciting bondage web-sites in the USA. The interview laid bare all of the secrets of how the milker machine, all its attachment and the new Vacuum suit and it astonishing prototype hood work. I could see that Mark was overwhelmed by the high standard of manufacture and the attention to detail seen in all of the Serious Kit equipment. He declared it the best rubber suit he had ever seen with features such as its internal hanging hooks and stitched and glued seams.

Soon, however, it was time for the talking to stop and for a practical demonstration of the Vac suit's effects. Driven by her self-confessed, extreme, rubber fetish, Eager Elise had already got heself stripped off and was gracing the medical room with her petite naked body, almost hopping from foot to foot in her keenesss to feel the rubber arpound her. I had taken great delight in filling the latex suit with pre-mixed lube and then had even more fun by pouring in litre after litre of extra lube once I realised that it was freezing cold against poor Elise's bare skin. With its inventor Stuart's help, I connected up all of the multiple vacuum and drainage tubes to the suit and switched on the suction pump. The effect on Elise was startling as the air was sucked from inside the suit to crush the latex sheeting tight against every inch of her most tender spots. She was swept into an excited but dreamy sub-space as the rubber squeezed so tight that we could see every finger and toe and nipple and crack and crevice outlined clearly through the tight latex material.

Her squeals of pleasure were already echoing around the clinic even before I started pressing one of my powerful Magic Wand vibrators against her clit and then inserted another buzzing piece of equipment into the internal vibrator bag strategically placed between her rubber-covered thighs. To show off the way in which the latex clung to every curve of her body, I turned Elise over to lie face-down on the bed in order to show off her pert butt-crack, and then filmed her kneeling-up in such a way that you could even see her labia outlined inside the shiny black suit. By now, Elise was moaning with pleasure: "It just feels SO good," she kept repeating as I topped up the lube again and again and the suit alternately tightened and then relaxed its grip on her body. What she didn't then know was that the best was still to come.

The surprise I had kept from my subbie girl friend was that Stuart had also brought along to Hanwell Towers his very latest, prototype latex vacuum hood that fitted seamlessly onto the full body suit which was encasing Elise in immovable, lube-wet, rubber bondage. Elise's eyes opened wide with delight as she realised that even more restriction was coming her way. I lubed up her head and her hair and slid the hood over her head. It looks like a large black bag, loosely draped around her head... until the vaccuum pump is connected and the air is sucked out to squeeze the latex tight against her face. What had been a loose bag suddenly shrinkwraps itself around her nose and lips, making the gag and breathing tube her only source of air. Combined with the feel of the body bag already pumping away around her torso, arms and legs, Elise was pitched into a unique rubber bondage sensation that blew her mind with pleasure.

All that remained was for me to start applying the lightest of touches with the Magic Wand in all the right places for Elise's orgasms to start. It was one of the few times that I was grateful for the sound-proofing and isolation of my West London dungeon because when Elise starts to cum, she lets the whole world know thast she is, literally, screaming with delight. With her climax rolling on and on, I was tempted to leave her in sexual bliss for hours; but duty and the need for us all to depart for a planned filming trip to Germany meant that I eventually had to let her out. Before I did that we had achieved a lot: a satisfied slavegirl, a test run for the prototype hood, a good film for Mark and Serious Bondage, and lots of footage that soon will grace my members clubsite. All in all a tiring but successful day's work.

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