Serious Kit

Aug 2, 2012

What a fun weekend and very productive one as well as I've met the inventor of Serious Kit (

This wonderful milking machine, a British built and produced product, is truly a superb. Of course I had to buy all of the attachments possible, and have a few alterations to some parts to fit my criteria (Well you wouldn't expect anything less would you?).  Since my weekend purchase I've been sitting down on my odd quiet opportunities to assemble and get acquainted with its design. I'm currently waiting on a new mobile shelf unit to arrive to hold all the parts so it's easily useable. However, in the interim my feverish hands have been tinkering and taking the opportunity to test it out on my willing victims. Like all new machines that come with instructions the temptation is to just get stuck it and see if it works, and to my delight it does. I've had a few minor issues due to my lack of familiarity with the machine, but these were quickly resolved. I cant say that I'm fully versed in all its aspects, it will take a couple of goes to get it right but I'm really looking forward to receiving my remaining parts so when the time comes, I can have a 'milking party'. The good thing about this machine over any other on the market, is that, it has the ability to attach 4 slaves at once, can you believe it, 4 slaves hooked up and simultaneously wanked into the newest Olympic event, group tease and denial. I am of course expecting a gold medal in team GB for this one.

The other advantage of this machine is that it has a collection device which means the slave can stay on it all day, even peeing into the wanking device is possible (with the correct tube) ensuring maximum tease and denial on an extravagant scale. So watch this space, as soon as I'm au fait with my milking machine, expect the body count of fevering males desperate to cum, to rise!

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