Session Time??

Mar 20, 2014

 Long, slow, extended sessions of torment and torture are fun for me and have the effect of making my slaves even more addicted and loyal to me than they were before, as I roll their minds with hour after hour of my unique brand of firm, yet warm and caring, sadism. Most slaves love the feeling of time stretching endlessly in front of them, with the chance to experiment with complex bondage positions, lots of teasing masturbation and even changes of my personality and costume along the way. Sometimes, however, it’s fun to tease my most needy subs into thinking they are going to get all of my attention and then ignore, disappoint and tease them by denying the thing they most crave; prolonged cruelty at my rubber-gloved hands. Such was the case a night or so ago when one of my subbies begged and begged for a lengthy session to work our way through all of the many fantasies he builds up in his mind between his visits to Hanwell Towers. I took great delight in promising to set aside lots of my valuable time, but then finding all sorts of other urgent chores to do and other, more deserving, slaves to torment.
Eventually I saw the realisation dawn in his eyes that time had slipped away and his dearest wishes were going to, once again, be disappointed. It was hilarious. Honestly, it is pathetic how sulky, and moody and tearful a face such a slave can wear when he realises that I have simply been teasing him all along. The fun then starts in earnest because I can drive him to distraction by laying a terrible choice at his door: would he like a fast and dirty session now (with the faint chance – but never the certainty - of relief for his aching and overfull balls?) or would he like to wait for days longer with the renewed promise of many hours of my time for a lengthy, perhaps more fulfilling session with his Mistress?

It was such fun for me to watch the dreadful struggle unfolding behind his tear-stained eyes! Desperate to be mistreated and wanked by my array of mechanical masturbation machines, he had hoped for hours and hours of tease, denial, pain and discomfort. Now, what was on offer was a quick bit of bondage – admittedly in one of his favourite positions with legs spread across my bondage throne – the possibility of quickly spunking if I so chose and then being sent away with body satiated but his mind and his machochistic desires left merely titillated to greater heights of desire. Alternatively he could deny himself any pleasure whatsoever in the hope that I would fulfil my promise of hours of fun at a future date? His dilemma tore him into such pieces that, in the end, I almost (but not quite) felt sorry for him. I realised it would be more merciful to take the decision out of his hands completely. After all, he is only a slave and therefore totally unused to deciding anything of importance where his Mistress is concerned.

“Get your clothes of right now, get in the suspension room and we’ll play a little bit now,” I instructed. Within moments I had him roped and strapped with legs akimbo across the bondage chair while I tied and stretched his balls and then filled his rear with a super-size electric butt plug, pushed rapidly up to the highest setting I knew this slave could bear. The introduction of the Magic Wand vibrator soon had his restrained hips bucking desperately as he struggled not to cum and end the session even more rapidly than he had feared. “It doesn’t matter if you cum,” I told him. “I’m going to carry on tormenting you in another position even if you empty those worthless bollocks right now.”

It was also time to introduce my secret weapon of the naked body of my slavegirl Sherry. Instructing her to fit a cock gag in the wretch’s mouth and sit across his face, she was soon smearing her copious pussy juices under his nose. Not many slaves could ever have withstood that distraction and, sure enough, this one rapidly produced the sample I had been seeking. Then it was onto the body board with his now shrinking cock sucked and wanked by my Venus 2000 machine before dismissing him from my presence and from the dungeon. The poor confused subbie did not know whether to be grateful (as of course he should be) for what he received - or unhappy that he may not now see a long session for longer than he could imagine and longer than his sanity may stand. Unhappy, confused, sad and desperate: just how I like my owned and controlled slaves to be. Praise due all round for my sadistic skills, I feel?

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