Shay's Way of the Highway Hendrix.

May 8, 2013

What a busy girl I’ve been! Filming with the lovely Shay Hendrix, a domme friend of mine who wanted my help in sorting out the behaviour of one of her slaves whom she brought along with her to Hanwell Towers. This wretch was warned in advance that he was going to be the subject of some painful and distressing torments from both of us women to ensure that he would be better behaved for his mistress in the future. In the first film scene, we dealt with Shay’s pervert boyfriend who had a problem that seems to be all-too prevalent among men. She had caught him wanking without permission and confided in me that this was not the first time he had been too busy masturbating to carry out his essential man-duties in the bedroom; an unforgivable sin in any slave.

I could hardly believe my ears when Shay told me that her boyfriend had then compounded his sins by suggesting that she should ‘slut it up a bit’ between the sheets and that he had bought her a set of slutty red underwear to dress her in. There was obviously nothing for it but to turn the tables and immediately dress him up in the lingerie he had tried to foist on my friend. In my experience there is nothing better for teaching an unruly male a lesson in good manners than to strip away his masculinity by making him dress in women’s underwear and adopt the role of a submissive little whore being dealt with by two dominant women.

Our cross-dressing treatment did seem to be working but I still believed that further treatment was needed. The ideal solution to increase the ‘man-duties’ enthusiasm of any male is to impose a lengthy period of unfulfilled desire and frustration: and that means fitting a chastity device. Once one of my many devices was immovably locked into place around his cock and balls, we could relax knowing that there was now no chance of any unauthorised wanking or tampering of any kind.

Our second scene involved testing out the effectiveness of a long-term medical experiment that Shay has been conducting on one of her loyal slaves. In this gender-bending experiment Shay has kept her male subject dressed for many months in a selection of women’s clothing. With the man clad in both outer and underwear of the wrong gender, the test is designed to see if there will be long-term and gradual physical and psychological changes to his body and mind.
Once Shay and I started work on exploring the slave’s reactions it became clear that there were indeed some early results. His nipples had become more sensitive to both pain and stimulation; more like the nipples of a woman than those of a man. He was also displaying more and more feminine characteristics in his behaviour, but further tests were needed to establish how deeply these factors were engrained. Could he, for example, still react in a normal ‘male’ way to the arousing scents of a woman’s body? The obvious test was for Shay to sit across his face, pressing her female parts closely against him to see if her delicious scent could stimulate a man’s normal reaction.
With that test still inconclusive it was necessary for both of us to carry out the ultimate experiment: seeing if this cross-dressed man slave could still produce a semen sample. Once we had worked on him together to force a climax we discovered that his balls were indeed still producing man-fluid. It was a disappointing result after all of Shay’s long experimental work, but she is determined not to give up. Her slave faces many more months in women’s clothes before he is tested once again.

In one of several other film scenes that day, Shay and I got to grips with another common man fault: their seemingly-insatiable desire to roam to other women. Left alone in my upstairs dungeon room, I was horrified when Shay’s boyfriend made a number of treacherous advances to me behind my friend’s back. Exactly what he was after became clear when he came straight out with it and suggested we all had a threesome. Shay was horrified when I told her what her boyfriend was suggesting, but I did have a cunning plan to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry. ‘I can’t deny that Shay is an attractive woman,’ I told the boyfriend. ‘I think a threesome is a very good idea – but on our terms – not yours.’
The threesome that followed was slightly unusual. We strapped the man down firmly to a chair so there was no way he could interfere. Then Shay and I had ignored him completely and had our own girlies fun with a selection of toys from my dungeon. After all there is no point in a Mistress having such a vast range of sex toys available if she never gets the fun of using them on herself and her friends, is there? Although I’m not sure that the wretch tied-up, frustrated and watching would agree as the blindfold placed upon him stopped any real form of enjoyment, table turning torment id say!

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