Sherry Merry-go Round

Apr 27, 2013

 Sherry merry-go round

After rushing around like the proverbial blue arsed fly this morning I was glad of making my way to hanwell for some refreshing fetish fun and frivolity. The miserable weather didn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the arrival of my regular sub, after all I had Sherry in toe and devious plans in the mix so all was well. First port of call, the sling! As sherry was looking good enough to eat, I decided my sub needed to be contained, so a strait jacket seemed just the ticket for containment. Having two pairs of hands means of course double the trouble and quadruple the arousal, ‘better get those electrics on quick time’ I thought to myself.

Sherry was on standby with her lubed fingers, stretching and preparing the opening for the first plug of the day. I meanwhile primed the cock with some ropes, weight and electro-stim. As usual, the little minx had her mouth all over my subs hard member, ‘too much fun for him I feel, Sherry start to use your teeth as well please’, I commanded. Sherry, the obedient girl (on this occasion at least) followed suit and started to leave her mark….teeth mark that is.

It seems that my sub had a few too many groans and moans to be permissible, sherry agreed with my diagnosis and assisted to dampen the noise, using her derriere to quieten the slave down, we don’t like interruptions when we work you know! Next up, the whipping bench. Donning my strap-on and adding a cock gag to my slave, I decided that I wanted sherry strapped helpless for OUR amusement, so my male slave assisted tying the minx in place. He had the added benefit of a set of nipple clamps, posture collar coupled with the cock gag it was time to play. Sitting subbie down was the easy part, keeping him with the cock gag ramming into the poor girls delicate parts was my upmost priority. Of course the nipple clamps were there for a reason, strapping them to the whipping bench ensured limited movement (I didn’t want either of them ruining my view). I couldn’t wait now the pair was trapped in painful/pleasurable heaven to get in on the action. Swiftly moving to sherry mouth, I gave her a face fuck and half with my wonderful black strap-on, ‘get it very wet slut’ I mused, ‘I’ll be fucking you with it next’.

Swapping around from the spit roast offered even more possibilities, I could reattach the nipple clamps to the bench, sherry could suck more cock and better still, I could fill the girl’s ass first and pussy second with my strap-on. Admittedly, sherry wasn’t too enthusiastic at the anal penetration; however, with a mouth full of cock she soon got into the swing. Battering her ass with my strap-on, moving then to her overflowing pussy, I rammed my way in firmly (I am her mistress after all and it is my privilege to do this). It must be said that sherry will submit to my anal play, but feels very reluctant to allow another male slave to enter her this way, toy or no toy. She trusts that I will work her expertly, knowing when to push and when to pull back. It’s a relationship built over time and because of this it has its benefits.

Needless to say, we continued rotating, tying, filling and fucking every available slave-hole on show. As the title suggests, it was a Sherry merry-go round and a half.

I must also make a mention to the slave who requested I 'spank her little bottom from me', yes that was passed on...literally.

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