Sherry`s Visit

Apr 2, 2012

Never let it be said that Sherry is completely out of the picture, from time to time, on those special days she makes space in her hectic calendar to attend Hanwell Manor. Today I had a particularly long and complex rubber medical and bondage session that she simply had to attend, Sherry of course was more than willing. As usual Sherry brought her own delightful charm to the day. Nothing made me laugh harder as I strapped a cock gag to her mouth, forcing her to fuck my rubber slaves ass as she was impaled herself on a huge dildo. Coupling his with some ball bondage and then tying Sherry to the slaves balls, she got really up close and personal with the patients nether regions, which somehow culminated in her being a little to feisty and 'accidently' knocking her forehead on those tied balls as she fucked his ass with the dildo. Wondering why my male slave was suddenly yelping, I discovered the little troublemaker up to no good, don't worry she was certainly dealt with effectively in the next scene!!!

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