Sing a Song of Pain

Dec 21, 2011

Gosh it does seem that yours truly has been getting in the festive mood this week. Having Christmas carols running through my mind has meant that I've obviously had to have my reluctant singing slaves join me in murdering a verse or two of 'ding dong merrily on highhhhaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh'. For some reason it took a high dose of electro-stim persuasion to initiate a selected response from my aforesaid slaves. It has meant that I've taken this festive spirit with me throughout the day and long may it continue until Christmas arrives on the weekend. (Don't give up your day job, I feel my slaves may silently say) but lets face it, its Christmas it a time of joy an frivolity and what better way to celebrate a bit of mischief than with some of my long suffering slaves.

Today for instance, my chastity slave has arrived at my invitation to help me torment a bound captive medical experiment. It seems that some very naughty fantasies have been creeping into the psyche about Sherry. I know she is not around very often these days, (gradually climbing the corporate ladder) however her memory lives on and she features very heavily in one subbies mind. So much so in fact I needed to bring my chastity slave in to help deal with this patient. So picture the scene, Subbie 1 strapped to the medical bench, Subbie 2 (chastity slave) dressed in rubber and heels, following every command, wearing a hollow strap on over his device to enter Subbie 1. Whilst all this occurs, Mistress stands over with hot wax at the ready, shortly followed by electric nipple clamps and finally some piercing needles. Oh what a mixture of pain and pleasure. Funny how Mistresses nipple clamps with bells stayed to one side, otherwise id have started singing 'Let the bells ring out for Christmas'......

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