Slave Breaking

Jun 29, 2015

Dominating my lovely women clients makes life at Hanwell varied, interesting and fun - and also on occasions provides an opportunity to frustrate and deeply upset one of my pathetic, owned male slaves who gets so excited that he almost wets himself when I tell him that one of my 'special' friends is coming to play. In line with my policy of utter and total discretion at all times, I never, of course, even let him near the building when I’m enjoying a session with another slave, male or female, but I sometimes allow him to stand waiting patiently in a nearby car park as the hours tick by until I text him to say that he is at last allowed to return to serve me with whatever humiliating chores I might choose to dispense that day. I don't know how he fills his hours of solitude but I'm always half-expecting that he will end up being arrested for soliciting on a street corner, especially if I choose to dress him in female clothes and some Transvestite make-up.

It's when my client has gone and the lowly slave returns that I can make his life even more of an utter misery by regaling him with tales of everything he missed while he was banished from my side. He never has a clue whether I am telling the truth or making up stories just to frustrate and mentally cuckold him - but the effect is the same, either way. He is a sad case.... totally addicted to my charms, and unhappy for every moment that he is not in my presence. Mentally tormenting him is rather like kicking a dumb animal (something that an animal lover like me would never do!) but for him I make an exception. I reported to him, for example, that today's session produced female scream after scream of sexual pleasure as I encouraged wave after wave of orgasms from the woman strapped to my medical bench. Naturally no sound can be heard beyond Hanwell's sound-proofed walls so my male subbie had no way of knowing whether my subsequent erotic story of girl-on-girl climaxes repeatedly produced by my fist in her pussy was fact or fiction: it didn't matter because I could see the pleading look in his eyes at the thought that such sexy shenanigans had been unfolding for hours whilst he was banished to stare at a brick wall hundreds of yards away. There are so many more ways to dominate and humiliate men rather than simply putting them in bondage and beating their arse - although that too has its place in my list of suitable treatments.

As I write this, I can look back on a highly successful day. My female client was ecstatic at the way she was dominated and abused for hours at my hands amid the treasure trove of BDSM equipment that fills my Hanwell medical room: my male subbie was (literally) reduced to tears as I left him teased, frustrated and desperate for the relief that he has not yet earned the right to enjoy, and I enjoyed the sadistic pleasure of knowing how easily I can break him completely, and how well my client and female friend enjoyed her day with her Mistress. A great job all round I'd say! If you happen to see a male slave of mine with tears in his eyes in the streets near my West London premises PLEASE do not even think of inquiring after his well-being. Just let me know so that I may punish him even more severely than usual for being in the way. He deserves nothing more, and I will enjoy his torment so much.

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