Spring Clean

Sep 1, 2013

 With electrical impulses throbbing in his rear, around his balls, deep inside the shaft of his cock and across each of his nipples, one of my slaves was wriggling and jiggling in his bonds on my whipping bench yesterday. Each wave of current made his body tense and his muscles shake as he struggled to cope with the tingling torment from the multiple electric boxes I had attached onto and inside the most sensitive parts of his body. For a while, his mumblings and moanings from deep under his pumped up rubber hood almost made me think that he was suffering enough… but then that moment of silly sympathy passed and I realised that he was probably just asking for more. Fortunately, I’ve been having a clear-out of all my cupboards at Hanwell Towers and have found a lot of toys that I haven’t used for a while. One of these is an electrics system with multiple contact points, ideal for sticking all over a slave’s body. It was therefore an easy job to start attaching even more pads to the inside of his thighs and the cheeks of his arse before switching the current on and sitting back to watch him dance.

Now as many of you will know, rather like the Mikado of ancient Japan, I always try to ensure that ‘the punishment fits the crime,’ for any of my slave’s misdemeanours. In this case, the wretch had confessed that he had recently got ‘a buzz’ from flirting with another woman without my explicit permission. How fitting therefore that he got an even bigger buzz from me to remind him that his position as an ‘owned’ slave demands that he keep his Mistress at the forefront of his mind at all times. The good thing about his lapse was that it gave me the opportunity to play with some of the long-forgotten equipment I had found at the back of my toy box. Interestingly for you all, I discovered other treats, too, in my unseasonable ‘Spring cleaning,’ as some of you will discover in sessions over the weeks to come.

My lucky slave’s booking had begun in a somewhat different fashion with a more than thorough face-soaking in my watersports box. Having been on a few errands around town that morning I just had not had time to find a loo and by the time I reached the dungeon I was crossing my legs in desperation to avoid peeing my panties. Being the kind Mistress that I am, however, I decided to hold on for just a little longer in order that my slave should have the full benefit of his Mistress’s distress. He was dragged upstairs to lie face-up in my box as I finally found the relief I was looking for and let go the floodgates in a stream of warm piss that went on and on… and on and on. I could hear the slave spluttering and gasping underneath me but - you know how it is - once you start in that situation there’s no stopping until the job is done.
It seemed to take the dripping-wet wretch ages to drink it all up and then lick the inside of the watersports box clean again but I’m pleased to report that, for once, he did a thorough job and that particular piece of equipment is now gleaming inside and out. His reward was a spell on my milking machine in the medical room, suitably restrained of course and with the face mask from my rebreathing equipment firmly in place. Having already been half-drowned and then electrified, I was a little worried that he might not come up to scratch once the wanking tube was pumping away on his shaft. But slave proved me wrong and managed to produce a creditable sample which made all my efforts worthwhile. With his work done, his balls emptied and his slate wiped clean, slave and I can put his recent mistakes behind us and happily move on: until the next time.

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