Star Of Stage and Screen

Oct 19, 2014

What an international star of stage and screen I’ve become this week: performing in bondage demonstrations and selling my DVDs and autobiography at the Venus Fair in Berlin! My very first day here saw me being interviewed by a woman presenter from Korean television - Honey TV - who seemed fascinated by my fetish outfits and determined to conduct a lengthy interview about me and my work. The only slight problem was that she spoke no English and, although I am a Mistress of many and varied talents, I speak not a single word of Korean. Amazingly, however, we managed to somehow converse with the aid of her German interpreter, even if the interview did take some while to complete.

My strappy, new, green, red and black medical outfit, designed by me and especially created for the Venus Fair, seems to have gone down a storm with the milling crowds of thousands of people at this vast pornography and fetish fair. The organisers are expecting more than 40,000 visitors to the fair this weekend and It seems that everywhere I move here in Germany there are scores of people wanting to take my photograph and ask me for my autograph. It seems to be a feature of these German events that the fans are especially keen to take my cards away with my signature attached. Goodness me! I’m turning to a celebrity, although being well used to the undying adoration of my slaves and subbies back home, I never let such let such media attention go to my head… well not much anyway!

As the day unfolded I gave a series of bondage demonstrations on the one big fetish area stage, all of which seemed immensely popular with the crowded audiences packing into the hall to see their favourite porn stars or their favourite international fetish icons like me. One show in particular was a massive hit when I suspended the girl bondage model in one of my white, Maxcita canvas strait jackets with her legs spread and with me dildo-fucking her mouth. She – and the audience – seemed to love every minute.

More television interviews followed with among others, the exotically-named “Bungla Bunga” European television show. Such was the demand that I even let one broadcast station interview my web-slave Andy who is looking after his Mistress on this trip. In the course of my busy, busy day, the TV work was slotted in around several photo-shoots for German magazines and another where I worked alongside a Dutch porno star who couldn't help demonstrating her talents on my strap-on.

On the basis that your Mistress is perpetually seeking to improve her bondage and domination skills, I’ve also been learning new tips from some of my fellow exhibitors and performers here at the City’s massive exhibition hall, the ‘Messehallen unter´m Funkturm.’ In particular, I’ve picked up some great ideas for new rope-techniques from one of my fellow performers whom I plan to visit in Florida next year.

The one downside of the Venus Fair is that there’s very little food available here; a fact which I learned a little too late to avoid a day of enforced starvation. As my regular clients will know, a hungry Mistress is not the best of ideas and so I was delighted to finally step out onto the red carpet and head for the gourmet evening dinner laid on for me as a nominated performer at the evening’s Venus Awards ceremony. No… surprisingly for my fans, I didn’t get this year’s top fetish award, but there’s always next year – and as the first thing I’d eaten all day, the meal made the event most deliciously worthwhile.

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