Star of Stage And Screen

Jun 5, 2015

My ever-evolving Hanwell medical clinic just got even more exciting with the addition of a new widescreen monitor that can turn YOU into the star of your very own and very private porn movie! With my wall-mounted screen and handy video camera you can now ask to lay back in bondage on the medical bench and watch the close-up details of yourself being examined and treated to any of the complicated clinic procedures by your own, stunningly beautiful Nurse Despair (That’s me of course!)

The video kit’s first outing this week saw one of my eager subbies strapped down with his legs spread wide and with the camera zoomed in on his vulnerable cock and balls and the electric, metal plug I’d already shoved deep in his rear. He got more and more excited as he watched his own balls being tied and separated, and more and more electrical devices being added to the shaft of his cock. I can even move the camera easily in order that he can see my hand straying to the electric box dials that control just how much pain and discomfort his nurse is going to deliver!

My slave told me later that he was in seventh heaven not knowing whether to watch the ‘real’ me going about my medical duties, the larger-than-life image of my pantie-clad rear caught on camera for the TV screen or the close-ups of his own body as the torment continued. The set-up also gives me complete control over what is on screen, allowing me to focus the patient’s attention any part of his body I am going to torment – or on wider shots of the whole scene and images of me (which is, naturally, what you all want to visit my dungeon to see!) Of course, with my obsession with complete privacy and discretion, none of the medical room fun will be ever be videoed without you requesting it first. As always: “What happens in Hanwell, stays in Hanwell.”

As my slave’s session continued, I had one more sexy surprise in store for him. Attaching him to the ever-pumping Venus wanking machine and keeping him in bondage on the medical bench, I hooked up my own computer to the television monitor and let him watch some of the most-private porn videos from the vast collection at my members’ club site. It is a new and refined form of torture for those who like to be slowly teased and frustrated as their nurse continues to work on their medical issues. Your choice of large-screen porn to accompany your choice of torment!

Watching ‘Miss Miranda The Bondage Mistress’ films whilst being wanked and mistreated by ‘Miss Miranda The Bondage Mistress’ herself is an experience few guys are going to survive without urgently needing to spurt! As my guinea-pig slave’s cries of frustration got more and more desperate I decided to take pity on him and allow him a full milking. There was, of course, a price for him to pay for his pleasure: fitting a condom to his already-leaking cock, I made him watch in close-up as my fingers worked their magic to force him to squirt his full load of man-filth. Then…. He could also watch as I emptied the full condom into his mouth… and made him hold it there for a while before finally allowing him to swallow. It was a fitting, deliciously-pornographic end to his video-screen debut.

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