Statue Sucking Scenes

Nov 7, 2013

I’ve seen many a forced-bi scene in my Hanwell dungeon but nothing quite as intriguing as the one I saw yesterday when I made one of my retinue of travelling slaves perform oral sex on the unimpressively-small, marble penis of the naked Roman statue that graces the elegant indoor pool at my European holiday home. On my instructions the white stone dick got licked and swallowed with a suitable level of enthusiasm as I trained the slave in the humiliating art of cock-sucking. But this of course was simply a starter round for my subbie and soon I invited my TV friend, Kinky Natashsa, to join the party and offer up his own far more impressive cock to really teach my slave a lesson.

Whilst Natasha, the husband of my domme colleague Fetish Liza, was busily engaged in making the slave gag repeatedly with the side of the sword pushing down his throat, I got two of my other male slaves into serious bondage on the sunbeds at the side of the pool and prepared a range of instruments of torment and humiliation. The idea was simple and I knew that it would test out the vexing question of whether there is any loyalty between the individual submissives who serve me. Every time that the sucking slave made a mistake or failed to please Natasha then his fellow slaves were going to suffer the painful consequences. When Natasha reported that the sub was not licking his balls in quite the right way then out came the nipple clamps to be pinched onto the sunbed slaves’ chests. When Natasha complained that his penis was not been sucked deeply enough down a throat, it was the bound slaves that suffered my worst sort of pinwheel torture on their own cock and balls. 

After an hour or two both of the wretches on the sunbeds were suffering horribly as the tally of oral sex mistakes rapidly mounted up. Their discomfort was not, of course, of the slightest interest to me but I did face the problem that even my vast arsenal of torture implements was beginning to reach an end. When I am travelling to one of my foreign playrooms I take only a tiny selection of my toys so as not to embarrass too much the security guys at Gatwick Airport. It was time to call a halt and let Kinky Natasha squirt his relief all over the face and body of the slave who had been sucking him. With job done to everyone’s satisfaction we just kicked the humiliated slave into the pool to sink or swim. As far as I could see, he survived kicking and spluttering to the side of the pool but being a cruel Mistress I didn’t really care which of the two outcomes was the more likely.

After some days at my villa I’ve built up a wonderful selection of movies for my club site but I could not resist one last filming session as the light faded fast at the end of the day. In a distant part of my grounds there is a disused picnic bench which offered the perfect place to strap out another male slave desperate to get into the Spanish sun and into bondage. With the help of FetishLiza I managed to ease open the subbie’s tight back passage enough to take my fingers and a dildo but I could see that this was going to be a lengthy business. I am not sure if Liza was helping quite as much as she could because she kept wanting to sit on the condom-covered black, rubber cock-gag which was protruding from between the slave’s lips.

With fingers pumping in his arse and Liza’s pussy pounding up and down just inches from his lips I began to suspect that my slave may just be having a little too much fun for his own good. He is not here with me to enjoy a holiday but to suffer for my amusement. Having spent days building up his frustration levels to boiling point I walked away, leaving him alone and forbidden to climax. Great to see that yet another male had been ruined by his lust for my very special domme services.

And so off home now to Hanwell and the fun of new bookings and sessions with all those who missed out on my Spanish adventure. For you, however, films and pictures will soon be available on my pribate members' site: happy viewing!

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