Staying The Distance

Mar 12, 2013

I love it when I'm given a challenge, on this occasion I had complete free rein to plan and execute a session from heaven/hell. The remit from this slave of choice was all about pushing, pushing the body to the limits, exploring new uncharted territory and delving into places previously not thought of. This does indeed leave a lot of room to manoeuvre which can be helpful although I'm always looking to ensure that I'm hitting the right button. It is easy for me to get too carried away and try to fit too much in at once, however I've recently found that having a basic structure does give me a schedule and helps assist cover my bases as it were.

Today Id had the luxury of being able to plan an entire day of sadistic fun, latex, medical, double domme delights and so so much more. The session kicked off with the use of my double layered inflatable body bag in which my sub in question was covered head to toe in latex. Electro stim was fitted to all the necessary parts and taking my time to inflate and strap the slave certainly centred his mind for things to come. This was the ‘opening phase’, an ideal start to give my excited subbie time to calm down, today was going to be a marathon and a half and he needed to be clear of mind.

Next on the agenda, ‘flying like superman’ was my inspiration. My body board had been spun and prepared for so horizontal floor facing fun. The delightful Sherry popped in and couldn't help getting in on the action. This girl has a very greedy mouth, and just oozed sexual tease, offering the ultimate toy show for starters (and soon to hog that magic wand for a bit too long, winning the cum-petition by 4-0 by the time she had to leave).

No sooner was Sherry saying her goodbyes (and almost falling off the medial bench due to having seriously wobbly legs with all the aforesaid fun) the delightful (and somewhat frozen) stunning Mistress Velour stopped by. Every time I see Mistress Velour she seems to get more and more beautiful with every passing day. Her collection of rubber wear shows off her ample charms to perfection and is a real beauty to behold. She is a real fetishist and loves to toy with her subbies, bringing her own special elements of fun and frolics to the scene.

My strap-on’s were hammered in every direction possible, teaching a very special deep throat spit roasting that Mistress Velour favours and certainly entertained me. It wasn't long before the endurance game was taking its toll, so a spell in the medical chamber was required. My slave was lapping up the attentions of my latest milking machine, coupled with the nipple attachments; he was truly a sight to behold. Mistress Velour was very intrigued to see this device in action; the effect was immediate on not only the slave but also mistress. She was very keen to get in on the action, using my subbie’s long tongue to reach her clit and ass, working herself into an enjoyable rhythm and dolling out instructions so he understood what she needed. Surprise surprise, it was too much for him to take any longer and BANG, a seriously powerful long awaited climax of epic shot wonder maybe, but holding out for an entire day's delights deserves a round of applause from all who attended.

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