Strangulated Foreskin

Mar 14, 2013

Strangulated foreskin from my experience is a condition that appears to affect males in the late 40’s and upwards. It’s an embarrassing debilitating condition, disturbing the sleep of its sufferers and often leaving a wake of destruction in its midst by leaving the frustrating aftereffect of painful erections. Of course discussion of this condition tends to be of a limited nature with the male in question ignoring the symptoms, hoping things will improve…..they don’t.

The Hanwell Clinic of Unusual and Embarrassing Ailments is fully versed in all aspects of bizarre sexual health issues, specialising in counselling the sufferer to come to terms with the condition and its relevant treatments. Luckily enough, Dr Miranda, the clinics top internationally acclaimed award winning pioneer in this field was on hand to take the case notes and deal directly with genuine sufferer of this condition.

After diagnosis, the treatment of choice was full rubberisation, immobilisation and preparation of meds. Getting the patient into a calm relaxed state is the first stage in treatment. Discussing the phases to surgery always keeps the mind prepared for the therapy and what’s to come. Because we at the clinic are believers in a holistic approach, the patient is reminded that this type of therapy is a lifestyle choice, keeping the intervention to a minimum and the remedial after care of ‘foreskin manipulations’ are assisting at keeping the problem at bay.

Long deep breathing techniques aid in inflating the lungs, filing them and emptying the contents of the rubber bags and into the patient assist in keeping the foreskin compliant. Looking deep into the patient’s eyes, reminding him he is here to be looked after, demonstrating full control of the senses means the esteemed Dr Miranda can perform all the necessary states until the final collection of the specimen. Collection of a full sample utilises all the nerve endings and ensures that every part of the body is back to full working order

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