Summer Stake

Jun 10, 2013

 There’s nothing like getting the wind in your hair, the sun on your face and a walk back into the natural woodland that is the British country side. The only thing that the UK truly lacks is guaranteed weather, however today I must have struck a deal with lady luck as the promises of showers could have ruined a perfect day.
It all started out with an early morning dash to do the usual ‘catch up’ on chores, on this occasion to the cash and carry to get some essential supplies for the upcoming hours. Rapidly hurrying to Hanwell (and dressed to kill) I was looking forward to the promised lunch to kick of the afternoon’s entertainment. Those of you who know me well know how much I love my food. Plagued by constant hunger, the best way to see a happy Mistress is to have a mistress sated.

Hanwell proved a great starting point for a brief collection of what I fondly call an ‘attack pack’. This pack contains all a travelling Mistress will or might need for the upcoming day. On this occasion id packed a number of ropes, ground stakes, wooden mallet, toys, lube gloves, clamps, medicine bottle and a few odds and sods thrown in for good measure. My slave April had suitable attire packed and ready. Naturally being the Mistress that I am, I threw a spanner into the works and asked April to arrive to the dungeon with sand paper inside her knickers, around her balls and cock to truly enjoy the journey to lunch. Its funny, some slaves never learn. April arrived clutching the remnants of a coffee that she was swigging before we left, “Oh April, you seem thirsty, I can help with that” I commented, smiling wickedly before snatching the cup and filling it with my special ‘home brew’.

Being the forward thinking Mistress that I am, I could foresee that the nipple clamps of choice needed to be close at hand at all times so naturally I asked my subbie to put them in his pocket for later. Bless him as his little heart sunk with the sudden realisation that play started NOW. All packed we were on our way and ready to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting folk of!!!!! Don’t be silly, I’m not telling you were.

On arrival, the establishment of choice was truly magnificent spectacle; a private members club with beautiful views and manicured lawns. If only the other ladies that lunched had x-ray eyes, they would have seen my conservative lunch date with his suffering sandpapered balls, clamped chained nipples, camisole top and girlie panties under his suit.

After choosing our lunch, I relished the constant discrete ordering around of nipple clamp positional rotation which naturally meant my poor slave had very little time sat down (probably a good job as the clamps under the balls were certainly causing him concentration issues).

Soon enough it was time to take an afternoon constitutional walk in the woods. The weather was a lot colder than what had hoped (especially as my subbie was dressed in his frilly white skirt, camisole top, little ankle socks and plimsolls). When leaving the car, I’d made swift work of confiscating the everyday wear that my slave had arrived in, hoping we would meet some unsuspecting passers-by on our travels. Walking through the woods, it’s usually surprising how many people you meet, dog walkers, horse riders, but today was not the day for that. I guess others like me were expecting the worst (judging by the sky that is). Poor subbie was terrified of meeting a stranger; I must say I was rather hoping it occurred. In fact, I had thought of setting a surprise ‘visit’ but dismissed this to see how the day panned out.

After an enjoyable ramble I located the perfect spot, a nice open exposed place where we were 20 feet from the main pathway through the forest, perfect to get staking. Stripping off and fitting the stakes was an easy job for my slave, however his nerve started to wobble after id roped him in place and then suggested I head back to the car….I know I’m wicked but he was completely helpless, I had to have a bit of fun teasing him didn't I. the next few hours passed rapidly. Without covering the whole scene, one part I will highlight is the genius method yours truly had of holding in a butt plug (via a stake between the legs) that worked perfectly I might add. The nettles were in full season and all that drinking of afternoon tea had certain predicted results…so showers and April go hand in hand after all.

Great day, thank you to my subbie for making my day varied and fun, most of all of course getting me out in some much needed daylight

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