Sweet Slave Music

Mar 26, 2014

The whimpers and moans of my clients are always music to my ears – but I excelled myself at yesterday’s multi-day this week by composing a new “Arsehole Concerto” as I simultaneously stroked the prostates of two slaves to send a tune of distress and intense sexual excitement ringing around the walls of my Hanwell dungeon.

With the fingers of my left hand deep in one subbie’s rectum and the fingers of my right hand in another, I skilfully played my new twin-slave musical instrument to vary the pitch and tone of their cries of discomfort in line with the music in my head. I found that I could vary the harmony produced from each part of my slave-organ by twisting my fingers either to the left or to the right, or by pumping my fists just a little deeper into their bodies. All I need now is to practice, like a church organist, with two more slaves – one impaled on each of my feet – and I will have created musical history!

My harmonious interlude came at the end of the multi-day to celebrate my six years of friendship with my delightful young slavegirl Sherry. We had a delicious long and lazy lunch together and then proceeded to the day’s main event with slaves aplenty to tease and torment. What a great success the day was!

With the theme of “Six of the Best” guiding our double-domination, Sherry and I duly inserted six needles in the nipples of each of our subs, gave six strokes of the crop or the cane to those who could accept them, and played dice games in which rolling a six brought various torments and tortures to the lucky subbies strapped up in different parts of my main dungeon room. Throw in a little TV dressing-up, a lot of rubber wear, waves of electrical fun, various sized butt plugs, and some forced-bi activities and a great party time was had by all.

I managed to allow each of the participants to have spells strapped-up in bondage on my two different whipping benches, my bondage throne or suspended from the beams in the dungeon roof. As the afternoon progressed, each sub got a turn to have their cocks mechanically sucked and wanked by the Venus 2000 machine or were deliciously teased by my slavegirl’s sweet little body. Sherry was her usual naughty-girl self, running around the room making mischief by tweaking nipple clamps or turning up the electric boxes behind my back, but once Sherry and I produced our Magic Wand vibrators for a competition to see who could make their slave cum the fastest, the day sped rapidly towards a climax crescendo of sexy fun and delight.

As usual, Sherry got over-excited by the amount of attention her pussy received from face-sitting on the cock-gags of slave after slave, whilst I enjoyed seeing so many of my subbies wriggling with excitement or discomfort from our joint double-domme attentions. It was a fitting celebration of our long friendship and the number of different cocks and balls requiring bondage, needle piercing or discipline meant that Sherry and I both ended the day rather like all of our slaves: emotionally drained, totally tired… but very happy.

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