Tap Out Torment

May 10, 2013

 A second day of fun filming with my beautiful friend Shay Hendricks saw us giving one of our slaves the hardest possible time with sessions to demonstrate just how inferior he is in every respect to his two dominant Mistresses. Wrestling lessons and instruction in exactly how he should accept a thorough spit-roasting without complaint led finally to a lengthy tease-and-denial treatment designed to teach him the self-control that every good slave should possess.
Although I’m an expert myself in various marital arts, I was eager to see Shay’s wrestling skills, and obviously we needed a helpless slave upon whom we could try out all of the more painful and restrictive moves. Shay looks on her wrestling activities as a form of bondage – human bondage that has no need of the ropes and straps more commonly found in my Hanwell dungeon. She believes that dominating a man by mere skill and her own physical strength brings unrivalled satisfaction, and she was keen to share some of her killer moves with me.

Pulling my ‘volunteer’ slave out of his cage, I could see that he was delighted at the idea of getting up close and personal with some wrestling holds from two such beautiful women. Little did he know what an ordeal he was about to endure. It was but the work of a moment for Shay to pin him helpless to the floor as I sat back and enjoyed the show. Starting out with the unlikely named ‘camel clutch,’ Shay’s back-breaking holds soon had her victim gasping for breath and begging to be released. Simply because the idea was to show me some holds, rather than finish this slave off prematurely, we did allow him to ‘tap out’ as a sign of total submission when his distress got too much to bear. What a kind Mistress I am.
To be fair, my slave did try to withstand her efforts to the best of his ability; especially when the hold involved his hands between her thighs or trapping his head impossibly tightly against her naked pussy. In the end I just could not resist joining in myself when Shay bent him double into a position that proffered his rubber-clad rear in the perfect position for a sound spanking from yours truly. All her tips have given me some great ideas for some breath-taking holds but alas I will not be trying them out in future sessions, I leave the wrestling to Shay.

Having been tormented at Shay’s hands for some while, I decided to give my slave the chance to suffer again: this time for both of us. It is one of my favourite games to have two Mistresses vie with each other to insert bigger and bigger strap-on cocks deeper into all of a slave’s useful orifices. Don’t let anyone tell you that Mistresses are not competitive; there was no way I was going to let my friend Shay outdo me when it comes to a thorough spit-roasting. As we took turns at stuffing his mouth and his arse, I made sure that it was my strap-on that went ‘the extra inch’ each time. When it comes to tickling a slave’s tonsils, via a rubber cock in his rear, I think I can safely say I have no equal!

Finally it was time for me to teach Shay about the inner workings of one of the wonders of my dungeon: the insatiable wanking action of my Venus masturbation machine. With my slave firmly strapped into my bondage throne, I showed her how the wanking tube can be tied firmly into place to teasingly stroke the slave’s cock into a frenzy of frustrated lust. We made a good tag team with me controlling his pleasure by varying the speed of the wanking machine whilst Shay concentrated on causing our victim the pain and discomfort he craves.

We could see the frustration levels rise as the machine kept on pumping while we were pushing and pinching and pulling his nipples and controlling every breath he took. With two rubber-clad Mistresses working on his body, it was hard to tell if the slave’s moans were of pleasure or pain: or more likely a delicious concoction of both. At full speed I could tell from the slave’s thrusting hips that he was close to cumming: the ideal point to leave my slave with his cock being frantically pumped while Shay and I went off for a well-earned rest.

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