Teased, Tickled And Tormented

Aug 31, 2014

Such a treat awaits members of my club site after yet another day’s filming with my beautiful new American slave girl Carissa! She really is the most submissive and obedient of women – and it would have been rude of me not to take full advantage of the opportunity to torment, torture and expose her shapely body to all of the many BDSM attractions that Hanwell Towers have to offer. A busy day started in my suspension room with Carissa’s rubber-clad body strung up from one electric hoist whilst her arms were secured behind her, leaving just enough freedom for her to wriggle, but no chance whatsoever for her to stop me doing anything I wished to torment her.

I started gently enough with one of my favourite little crops which has an irritating little feather attached to the end. It’s surprising how such an innocent item as a feather can become a versatile source of increasing torment when a poor tied-up slave girl has no way of protecting herself from its ticklish attentions. Brushed across her face it can be worrying, across her breasts and nipples it becomes arousing… and across her clit it makes her moan with pleasure.

Naturally, I could not allow her to have TOO much pleasure without making her pay the price in pain and humiliation. I’m a kind Mistress to my stable of willing slave girls, but not that kind! Pulling down her latex top let me decorate Carissa’s magnificent breasts with challenging nipple clamps, neatly joined by a silver chain: a true torment for a woman who admits that her nipples are more sensitive than most. Then it was time to lower her suspension hoist so she was trapped on her knees before the Mistress she is fast learning to obey, instantly and without the slightest hint of complaint. I had an erect rubber strap-on cock just waiting to be forced between her pretty, plump lips and right down her throat. Although I would never, of course, admit it at the time to any subbie, I was secretly rather pleased at how easily she could deep-throat my strap-on, and I had to thrust my hips balls-deep before I got her to gag and drool in the way I desired.

Our first scene ended with a little more pleasure for my strapped up American visitor. Still on her knees but with her legs kept wide apart with a spreader bar, I found that my Magic Wand vibrator had the most powerful effect on Carissa’s clit. Naturally I did have to tear open her pantie-hose and pull her pretty little panties to one side to get the vibrating head in exactly the right spot (but I think the sexy little slut secretly enjoyed having her underwear ripped from her body) The reward for all my efforts was to watch her strain and stretch against the ropes that were binding her as a powerful orgasm made her lose all control. Time to leave her recovering, still tied to my hoist, before Round Two commences... 

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