The American Invasion

Mar 23, 2015

Hanwell Towers resembled nothing less than an erotic, Hollywood movie set this week as close friends from the USA arrived to help me film a series of kinky and perverted sex scenes showing off all of the fabulous bondage equipment, rubber wear and different dungeon rooms which I now have at my disposal at my West London premises. Fresh from a short stop-off north of the border in Scotland, Mark, the film-maker extraordinaire from the Serious Bondage Insititute in San Francisco, arrived on my doorstep on Sunday night with his kinky companions in crime, Brianna and Elise Graves. Poor Mark was a little under the weather for a day or two but with the addition of a couple of subbie slaves from my own UK stable there were more than enough bodies to keep things extremely entertaining.

We started our first day's filming by dividing and conquering in order to get the most possible erotica on show in the shortest possible time. Dressed in what (although I say so myself) was one of my most stunning rubber Domme outfits I gave Mark a filmed tour of every room up to and including the unique and scary 'Cell Block M.' My visitor particularly loved the suspension cage which lifts recidivist offender slaves up through the ceiling on an electric hoist to the torture horrors of my lonely cells. I know that pride is a sin but I hope you'll forgive me just a little self-satisfaction when I report that my American visitors were hugely impressed with my premises. Mark said that he was struck first of all by the shining cleanliess of my dungeon. As all of you will know, I believe that 'cleanliness is next of Godessliness' and your Mistress takes great pride to the umpteenth degree in her premises. It was great to know that this attention to hygiene and detail is appreciated by someone as discerning as my American friends.

As my tour continued, Elise and Brianna were given free reign to explore my vast rubber and leather wardrobe and pick the kinkiest of toys to have their own fun in my rooms. Elise wasted no time in dressing her submissive friend in a tight rubber hood and a rubber catsuit with suitable access cutouts to reach her breasts, arse and pussy. Her willing victim was soon strapped face-up on the bondage bench, secured with miles of cling film tape and a multitude of straps holding everything from her neck to her ankles in immovable restraints. With true sadistic skill, Elise dominated the poor girl and managed to reduce her to whimpers of pain by adding vicious clips to both her nipples. The torment was only just beginning, however, and Brianna soon found that her sore and bruised nipples were being hoisted upwards, pulled tight by ropes that Elise attached to the nipple clips and then to one of my many ceiling hooks. And that was even before Mistress Elise started clamping the same painful hooks onto her submissive's pussy lips. The picture was complete and the film cameras rolling as Elise slowly increased the tug on her labia by ropes
attached to Brianna's toes.

A second scene in my downstairs suspension room proved that Elise's creativity and sadism knows few bounds. She was delighted to find a tiny stainless steel nose clip in my equipment cabinet and Briannna was soon face down on the whipping bench, unable to move her head in any way without pulling unbearably on the string securing her nose to a set of heavy lead weights. Once she was satisfied that Brianna was going nowhere, out came the electric pads on Brianna's naked butt and the electric box was cranked up, step by step, with increasing moans of agony from her lips. As the box reached its maximum current Elise took pity... not by reducing the electric pain but by adding a cold metal anal hook and a powerful Magic Wand vibrator into the mix. Suffused with pleasure and pain Brianna suffered delightfully under Elise's strict but calm and quiet orders. Eventually Elise left the dungeon for a well-earned break, leaving Brianna to continue being tormented in a lonely pool of pain and despair. A beautiful job, Elise - I could hardly have done better myself!

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