The Best Laid Plans

Dec 8, 2010

A meal in the local restaurant was the plan for one Mistress and her long serving slave, but a meal with a difference, of course. Slave arrives to the dungeon knowing something wicked is planned. Full of red blood and hormones, my naked slave is on his knees waiting for what is to come.

Enter Mistress, carrying a chastity device, some remote control electrics, body pads and shrink wrap. Stage one, fit the device. Here is our first snag, slave is so excited about the evening that no amount of lube and brute force is getting the device over his loaded gun. Naughty slave has dabbled in the medicine cabinet and nothing short of a miracle is going to get this device getting on!!!! Never mind as I use this to my advantage. I wrap 4 body pads round his proud member, encase this in shrink wrap and attach the remote to his body. The problem is, slave is pointing the wrong way, the only thing for it is to tape the huge stiffy to his abdomen!!

After checking they are working, (and hearing a chorus of ouches) off we go. Let's hope poor slave doesn't need the toilet, especially, as yours truly orders her slave the largest bottle of mineral water with express instructions to drink.Let's just say the evening was very enjoyable, nothing like watching a slave squirm in pain and attempt to order and eat, being caught by surprise a good few times and leaping around like a man posssessed.The evening was topped off with a visit back to the dungeon for a drink of champagne.

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