The Bi - Initiative

Jul 3, 2013

One thing that is always guaranteed to get my juices flowing is the sight of two of my heterosexual slaves being encouraged to interact and suffer with each other for my enjoyment. Sometimes I decide to make them play with each other just for fun: at other times it is a necessary to humiliate one of both of them to punish them for some minor misdemeanour of another which has upset the smooth running of Hanwell Towers. Such was the case yesterday when one of my domestic slaves went absent without leave and left me without a single servant on hand to make my coffee, wash-up and generally make my life comfortable. To compound his sins, the wretch had been told in the clearest possible terms precisely when I would be arriving which should, of course, have been his cue to be waiting at my door, coffee in hand and ready to instantly fulfil my slightest whim. 

Imagine my surprise then when I arrived for a booked session with one sub only to find that my domestic was not in sight. I later discovered that he had been lured away to a local cafe by another slave. To compound his sin he had been happily drinking coffee himself and chatting when his first thought should always have been of my happiness and my needs. His feeble claim to have forgotten the time was not even worth my consideration as an excuse. By the time he finally did arrive at Hanwell I was engaged in a medical session with another submissive and that gave me the ideal opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and to watch a bit of bi-fun as well. The hapless domestic was instructed to instantly remove all his clothes, don a restrictive rubber mask and report for bi-sexual duties to the medical clinic.

This slave is so well-trained that I knew there would be no need to restrain his hands: which left them free to caress and gently wank his fellow subbie who was immovably bound to the medical bench. Soon I had his mouth busy as well, sucking gently on hot cock whilst being careful not to induce any unauthorised orgasm. I was able to sit back and enjoy the sight of two heterosexual men being unwillingly aroused and finding that they were not quite as completely heterosexual as they had thought. To increase their discomfort – and my own growing excitement – I reached over and just pushed my domestic’s head down firmly every now and then to ensure that the growing cock was thrust balls-deep down his throat. I found I could hold him there for ever-increasing lengths of time as he learned to control his gag reflex and increase his deep-throat skills.

The time simply flew by as I made both slaves suck each other before encouraging my errant domestic concentrate first on his fellow sub’s nipples and then other parts of his body. Although I say it myself, it was a work of genius to increase his humiliation by making him suck my medical slave’s feet, making absolutely certain he took each foot as deeply into his mouth as possible and licked carefully between each and every toe. My only regret is that I omitted to watch them kiss: a mistake that will be rectified at the earliest possible opportunity.

I am sure that you will have guessed, dear reader, how this session finally concluded? Yes, quite right, there could never have been any other ending than my lazy domestic getting a mouthful of hot spunk to teach him the error his ways. I must say that the quantity of cream that squirted between his open lips was highly gratifying and still left lots over to smear across his face, into his hair and over his naked chest. His final humiliation was being dispatched to the suspension room to sit silently by himself while my session slave was allowed a leisurely shower. The memory of the feel of dried spunk on his lips will hopefully make him far more attentive to his duties in the future.

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