The Compound

Aug 4, 2013

 Waking up bright and breezy this morning and having time to head out to the gym was at real treat, especially as I had found a Californian Riesling wing called 'Kung Fu Girl' that I just had to buy and test the night before and I had feared that laying in bed would be far preferable to exercise in the gym the following morning. However, once I'd had a shower and collected my thoughts, the gym did feel the best option to set me up for the days activities. I know that I'm known for the fitness element of my life, but when I am out of my usual routine I'm naturally a socially person and will not say 'No' to puddings, alcohol and even light, night-snacking: a sin of which I'm guilty even as I write this. Anyway, a girl has to live as well as work doesn't she? Actually I'm currently looking at my partner dipping fresh strawberries into peanut butter and wondering: 'Is this really my partner?' However, I should return to today's activities

Day Two at the compound belonging to Irene Boss brought me a wonderful new slave who was, I believe, new to this facility. By all accounts my slave of the day was a big fan of mine who had seen my movies and was really set-up for my style of play i.e. predicament bondage and ball busting. I started the session by stripping my sub naked in order to set the scene. Naturally, I wanted to indulge my passion for bondage in its many forms, adding to the torment with some serious 'tease and denial,' something for which I am now beginning to be very well known, by all accounts.

Instructing my slave the he would have his cherry popped that day (how foolish of him to admit that his ass had never before been probed by woman or toy) I started the process of getting him into his place by adding a collar and bondage mitts, plus some delightful leather booties which worked wonders in ensuring he behaved as he should. Tying his balls to each D-ring on the mitts made certain that I had his total compliance. The compound's unique whipping bench was next on the agenda, although I did, of course, have to add additional straps to keep my subbie subdued for his very first anal experience. I couldn't resist stimulating his cock a little to train him to enjoy the violation - or 'The British Invasion' as I know refer to it.

Once again his balls were fair game, so tying them and using my knee against them in their helpless state seemed to be the right course of action. it was at this stage that I had a 'Eureka' moment, (well I had that revelation earlier, actually, but I only announced it once my finger was rammed against his prostate) that a tour of the entire compound was in order. Of course my slave had to be in bondage and continuing to suffer during this process. Seeing the upstairs playroom in one position is one thing, but then being placed into a straight jacket, balls tied, collared, and weighed down with heavy weights on each testicle, certainly adds a new dimension to the tour of the building. Remember those leather booties I put on the slave earlier? Well they helped as he slowly trudged around the premises in his heavy bondage jacket. Seeing him struggle to walk with all the paraphernalia in place was enough to fill me to busting point with glee. It was even more enjoyable because the compound is on multiple layers and I had to slowly encourage the subbie to take his time down the stairs, I would hate for him to have slipped and played a bowling game, with Yours Truly as the pin!

Luckily for my slave, we made it down to another room and, with creative juices flowing freely, I used my rope bondage skills to instigate a hogtie, using a mixture of ropes to tie the body to the booties, some unique leather lace-up arm-binders to hold the arms back and 'Yes' the ropes were soon back on the balls. This time, however, the balls were hooked to both the ankles and the hands making a four-directional pull which was completely controlled by the slave himself. His predicament was that he would induce his own pain and suffering if he dared to move, or indeed wriggle, when I produced a chastity device and threatened to lock him in it. What did I care if those poor balls suffered a fate worse than chastity; I'm heading off on Monday which left his balls as his problem, not mine.

There was, however, still one more position to come. This found subbie in a bondage chair once again, in yet another room, strapped and wrapped with that collar I had selected early on coming into full force. Its D-rings were used to tie each ball well and truly upwards. Guess who found a version of a magic wand at that point? What could I do with this I thought...

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