The Dungeon Tour

Jun 3, 2015

I enjoyed an action packed session this week with a new client who not only loved to dress in rubber but also had an unusual fetish for a particular type of clothing which you normally associate more with everyday work than with sexual shenanigans and my dominatrix brand of kinky fun. Without breaking his confidence, I can say that it was a first for me and it’s nice to know that some things can still surprise me despite all my experience of filming and BDSM sessions. This guy had visited other dominatrices before but had never had the privilege of visiting me at Hanwell Towers. He arrived here wearing his fetish item but then asked if he could save the pleasure of dressing in it till later and wanted to try out some items from my vast rubber wardrobe.

As requested, I administered a quick enema and then dressed him in girly rubber knickers which had the advantage of strategically placed openings which allowed his balls to hang outside and be easily accessible. We took a photograph of his outfit for him to treasure for posterity before whisking him down to the medical suite for his desired arse-electrification to commence. He wanted the full Hanwell experience and so we moved gradually from room to room as his treatment continued.

Still in the clinical surroundings of the medical room he was force fed with a range of different condiments: mustard, various sauces, and then that ‘love it or hate it’ taste of marmite. I had a lot of fun pasting his tongue with one condiment, then coating a gag in another and forcing it into his mouth before loading marmite into one of my ‘smell bags’ which was duly strapped to his face, leaving him no option but to cope with the scent for as long as I wished.

I had earlier padlocked some mitts onto his hands, ensuring that he could neither touch himself nor remove any of the rubber layers encasing his body. Still helpless I took him into the suspension faintest prospect that he might get to cum.

The final came upstairs in my main dungeon where I finally dressed him in his own ‘brand’ of fetish wear on top of all his rubber clothing. It seemed a good moment to lay him down on the floor and piss all over him but it was also time to slip on a condom and allow him finally to fill it. Like so many slaves he seemed reluctant once he had cum to recycle the condom contents in his mouth but I, naturally, insisted. He will, of course, be coming back to Hanwell at the earliest opportunity despite my promise to buy a girly pink version of his fetish wear, dress him in it and send him out on a few errands…. In public.

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