The Electric Tongue

Dec 8, 2013

Take one slavegirl’s electrified pussy and add one male slave’s electrified tongue and you have the recipe for making sparks fly in the dungeon. Sometimes it's the strangest thing when inspiration strikes me, an idea pops into my head and starts to grow: after all mighty oaks are made from mini acorns are they not? Today I must have been hitting the coffee a little hard, I admit, because I've been wondering how well some double slave electro- stim might work if I were to join person to person and pump up the current a little. Naturally I had to enlist Sherry, my student patient par excellence, into these 'human tongue trials' and I had also lined up another regular slave upon whom to test out my electrics hypothesis. 

As you all know, I love taking these journeys into the sadistic unknown and this is where my regular stable of subbies get to flourish. There is a huge advantage in having someone whom I know and trust in my chambers when these bolts of lightning inspiration hit me. It means I can experiment and explore without having to take a chance with a newbie slave; here at Hanwell Towers, tried and tested prevails for such experiments. For my first steps in double electric stimulation I wired up Sherry to one electric box and put a similar set of wires onto my male slave. With the current pumping, all that was needed was to put them together. Of course, there were a number of experimental parameters to consider; should I insulate my male candidate in a full coverage rubber suit or leave him free and au naturelle with the possible shock waves hitting wherever they may? Such are the many decisions to be made by a lead investigator of this form of nerve interference. 

I was also interested to see if the male subbie’s lust to lick Sherry’s pussy would overcome the discomfort he was going to feel once his tongue made contact with her electrified and moist lady-bits. The experiment was certainly illuminating, informative but above all highly entertaining. It appears that the human tongue is an excellent conductor of current, it is possible to have a 'dual electrics experience' and above all, the smaller surface area touching a slavegirl, the more intense the experience for both.  

Interestingly enough I also found out something about myself in the course of these highly entertaining trails. As they continued I discovered that it was best for me to stand with my legs firmly crossed in order that I could enjoy the laughter my games provoked with wetting myself in the process! Ok… probably too much information there, but for any females reading this, you never know when that titbit of information might actually come in handy.

To summarise, a continuation of this experiment is most definitely needed in the very near future..

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