The Fuck Hole

Mar 4, 2013

Turning a person into a nothing more than a living, breathing, working 'fuck hole' is a meticulous, step-by-step process. First 'it' has to be strapped up, immobilising all of its un-needed parts. This, of course, is a simple task when I have the full resources of my dungeon to work with, although care must be take at all times to be mindful of the need for access to all parts of its body. To gain strap-on entry the hole has to be raised to precisely the correct height for my comfort. Whilst it is true that the standard missionary position does offer this possibility, I often prefer as a first port of call to arrange the hole in doggy style. Its mouth is a useful tool and can be utilised easily, especially if the fuckhole is placed in front of my large mirrors so that it can witness the predicament into which it has willingly got itself. Padded mitts on the hands stop it from doing anything so aggravating as putting up resistance or pulling itself away from the impending pounding of each orifice with my demonically-large strap-ons. Despite being primarily here for my entertainment, a simple toy for killing time, I do use a modicum of common sense in knowing that the best way to achieve ultimate surrender to the biggest cock-weapons in my formidable arsenal is to take things in stages. The analogy I often use is walking up a ladder, taking one step at a time and improving with each step, going further and further and increasing the mental and physical pressure with bigger and bigger strap-ons as the session continues.

Letting my mind wander to other things I ignore the gutteral noises it makes. Does it have any rights? No. Does it have any say? Well it seems to think so, but that opportunity disappeared at the end of the initial interview so that it is now nothing more than a hole: a being of many holes which are all merely here to be used.

Picking up a bottle of my favourite lube I ponder the question, do I waste this on it? Do I spit on the strap-on? Or merely use its own saliva to prepare it? Choices, choices; that are all MINE. I decide a splash of lube in the mouth could be helpful. Its teeth seem to be biting a bit too hard on the huge red cock, let me lube it somewhat and see how that helps. Does it realise how lucky it is to be here? Perhaps a more physical, corporal punishment warning is needed? Time to wield a whip or two, treat it to the sharp side of my nature, teach it some manners and berate it where necessary. Can the fuckhole count? Does it not understand that '10' obviously means 10 on each side. Simple maths dictates 20, so why does it argue with my arithmetic? Is it really that dense?

No matter, it will learn: and be a better hole for it. Today I'm not interested in its pathetic male attempts to get hard. Let's quell that with a good dose of cock whipping. Its here to be 'pushed' and 'pushed' it will be. Maybe I should confuse it further by offering a kind word before lashing out. Perhaps a wisper in the ear? Should I waste my words? Or use them to send my object into a dizzy state of confusion.

Today is a good day for me, I've trained, dined, spoken to friends, got on top of my paperwork and of course a whole heap of other things. This creature has broken up my day and given me some enjoyment but I have no intention of allowing it a climax, I doubt it could be managed anyway. Today is a good day to bring out my magic wand, It survived, it pleased me....but not THAT much...

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