The Great Persecution

May 1, 2012

I’ve christened my newest outfit, an electric blue Gladiatrix outfit at my Persecution Party. What a bang to a Monday morning...when I say a bang i do mean literally. Id signed up the first two attendees to work on each other in 15 minute bursts just to keep me amused, systematically punishing, teasing and tormenting each other. 'Red Riding Slut' arrived for the party in her pretty little skirt and tights, thong and of course chastity device. Next in was my ‘Rubber Strappy Chappy’, whom i regularly probe with my ever active strap-on. ‘Just remember whatever you dish out will come back and bit you on the ass’ I warned as ‘Red’ began spanking a ruby glow into my bound sluts ass.

I couldn’t resist getting in on the action, delivering some spit roast action to my helpless and happy victim. Red pushed her chastity device in bound sluts face and received an every ready licking, most frustrating I’m sure. With my next attendee wishing to be more of a voyeur, he was soon watching the play with bemused glee, especially as the venus machine was attached and starting wanking away.

Time for a switch around and it seems that a bit of warm up caning is on the cards, can’t think why. Of course, I won’t have any party player getting hungry, I’ve lined up some bananas, the best of the bunch for me, and the spat out remains for my ‘guests’. One of my attendees had a meeting in town and therefore arrived a little later than expected. As always, I love to single out one ‘cum slut’ of the party and as you can guess, the late arrival was the recipient. Lucky red riding slut was hoisted face down (super girl style) on the body board and Mr. late was stretched out beneath. What better finale than red to submit to my powerful magic wand. Of course, success is pretty much guaranteed with that and (un)lucky Late boy was thoroughly saturated in a cum shower par-extraordinarre....

As always time whizzed by and before you know it my party was wrapping up and a well earned sit down for yours truly before the next session arrived.....

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