The Henchman

Jul 10, 2012

What a day, what can I say. It was a ‘deflowering and reflowering with a difference’. First to arrive and get strapped to the medical bench was ‘the henchman’, my 6 ft 5 switch, dressed in head to toe rubber looking every bit the mean hung tool in my armoury. Unfortunately for him id decided to ‘put him on ice’ by linking him to the Venus machine whilst having him fucked with electrics, after all I had a number of guests to attend to and position.

Rule 1, all party goers were to be blindfolded and bound on arrival. This was to intensify the fear of the situation. Would I then torment these subs with possible scenarios?? Of course I would. When all the guests were in place, fitted with blindfolded, gags, cock and ball electrics, I released my henchman....

First up, my ‘Joker’ was to find out the meaning of a ‘daisy chain’ spit roast. Picture the scene, strapped to the whipping bench, ass prepared with electrics, followed by my strap-on, the henchman at his mouth before being commanded to take my place at the rear. Far be it from me to have a strap-on without a home, as my henchman pumped the Jokers ass, I filled the henchman with my vibrating cock. Linked like daisy’s, we pounded in unison,( this would be a recurrent theme for the party). I like chains, the more the merrier.

After we had had our fill, the Joker was reflowered with a couple of tulips inserted in his ass for a parting gift, proof he had been ‘had’.

As usual, a great afternoon-evening was had. The finale saw the Henchman get his comeuppance as the remaining guests were released to help me tulip his ass (after a good fingering, fisting and more) Watering the flowers was my pleasure. Many hands assisted in his ruining, dripping in fluid, juices milk and more, how could he holdback from such a treat KEPOW, cuming all over himself. Dripping and hung out to dry, left in the corner we all laughed and enjoyed the fruits of our labour.

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