The Henchmen is back.

Aug 18, 2012

There is always a delight at mingling two of my known slaves for a bit of a bi extravaganza, especially when one of the subs is 'the Henchmen' from the last multi-day. Standing at 6 foot 5, this strapping male is a formidable tool in my arsenal but only when used in the correct manor, one of my other subs found out. Although not new to bi play, my sub in bondage is not the most experienced player, with his visits being somewhat sporadic of late, this has meant that his previously well trained ass was not ready for what was to be delivered. Made to lick, suck and arouse my rubber clad Henchman, bound sub knew what was in store when this forever growing cock was firmly placed into his mouth and boy did it engorge.

Moving from the front to rear, I directed the Henchman to begin slowly pumping the bound kneeling subs ass. Shrieks of 'WOW he's big Mistress', and 'slowly Mistress I can't take it that size' were soon followed by greedy delight as I began to lube up my hand in preparation for the Henchman's ass. I love a daisy chain, linking bound slave, henchman and myself in a anal whore treat from heaven. Yes, my fist went in to my watch, yes my henchman bowed his body in delighted ecstasy, the groans continued down the chain as bound sub felt the sudden growth spurt of henchman at his ass invasion at my hands.

Of course when bound sub was brought to a powerful orgasm, my thoughts turned to the Henchman. How could I teach this almighty slut a real lesson in female domination?? only one answer, a rubber stocking slide into his ass whilst he was prostrate infront of my throne, face down but seeing his humiliation reflected in the mirror in all its glory. That will teach you!!

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