The Hornets Nest

Jul 12, 2012

When a slave sends me a ‘hornets’ nest’ mail, I always respond appropriately. What, you may ask is that?? Well I describe an email that tries to provoke a reaction, phrases such as, ‘you took it easy on me last time’, ‘you believed my whimpering to be genuine, I was merely fooling you’, or other such braveness which I know from years of experience that my slave is trying to force my hand. One thing I have gleaned over the years is that memories are short, and out capacity to comprehend pain levels skews over time. Slaves who were pushed to there limits believe they have ‘wimped out’ when indeed they were tolerating there maximum levels (but the brain tells us otherwise and thereby the hornets mail arrives).

This phenomena I’ve encountered time and time again, and of course there are those among my regular clients are regularly guilty of this. Today of course was no exception to the rule, hence my reigning in slave ‘Arnold’ who of course got just a bit too cocky.

All it takes is the tightest bondage, the most inescapable strapping, binding and electrifying to keep up the tempo; soon my plastic accessories were being used to get the heart rate up. You would think that he would learn that his Mistress does not need to be provoked to be mean, its of course in my nature. Nothing is more natural to me that watching my poor subbie squirm whilst i smile at his hapless plight. But, as the old adage goes, a leopard doesn’t change its spots and i needed to place the victory most firmly in my hands.

The threat of being left in a situation displayed and even ignored worked wonders. A mix of rooms, situations, and finally using Arnold as a medical experiment meant the odds were stacked and victory was mine. Don’t worry Arnold, I’ll see you soon enough when your memory fails you once again and you want to tackle.....let battle commence


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