The Joy of Rubber Medical Sessions

Feb 13, 2011

There is nothing like a late night medical session to get my blood racing and last night was no exception. Starting by rubberising my slave, he was then strapped to the couch and multiple layers of bondage were applied, interspersed with electro current to build up the sensations across his member, internally and externally around his ass. My specially adapted re-breathing machine was fitted to enhance the feeling of relaxation. Extreme dilation of the urethra was needed and more electro current was applied, plus additional cock bondage. Obviously my patient was wriggling so inflatable mitts were added over the top of the rubber gloves.

After changing to a body bag, nipple access was needed to really push my patient. He had never had needle play before, neither had he experienced the joy of electrified needles (all of which I had to introduce him to)

A prolonged use of the Venus 2000 machine brought my slave to the point of orgasm many times, only saved from the brink by my careful control of speed control. Finally a magic wand was used to collect an extremely large sample. Oh yes it is truly a 'magic' wand.

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