The Longest Arm

May 23, 2012

As you can imagine I deal with a whole heap of seriously kinky individuals (God bless them) and today was no exception. I seem to be rushed off my feet with stressed out individuals needing some serious fun ala Miranda and of course I’m always happy to oblige. As we speak I’ve a poor unfortunate rubber slave imprisoned in my Cell Block M, purely because I wish it so. I have no need for rhyme or reason, no need for a lengthy email, no need for a designed scenario, some days its just my way or the highway and today is such a day.

My first client arrived full of the joys of a visit to a German Bondage Convention. Obviously the green eyed monster surfaced dare he go and I miss this, I thought. It makes no difference that I was invited and unable to attend, I missed out and that was HIS problem. Immediately I dispatched justice in the form of a challenge. Face my worse rope bondage, suffer the position and escape if you can. Let’s just say it was 4-0 despite my giving subbie the ample of opportunity with a knot in his reach (sometimes a glimmer of hope goes a long way so im told). Lots of sweating, straining and puffing still resulted in the 4-0 result.

Next on the agenda, deal with a cbt nettle slave and his new game of throw the dice, lets see if a 1-2-3 falls. If so, a gentle aroma comes subbies way, 4-5-6, well thats Mistresses Choice of either 4 minutes of discomfort etc. It’s really strange when fate throws every curveball my way. It think in an hour the poor dear managed a 3 on one occasion. Was I feeling lenient, hell NO.

The medical room was also featured today with an anal training session, my fucking machine, strap-ons and electro plugs got a good outing before finally rubber slut (ill refer to him as ‘Guilty Bound’) stepped in and well, lets just say he is still upstairs, bound, tied, electrified, head caged and more in the metal cell numero uno and here I sit, smiling wryly to myself about the day as a whole and his predicament. When will I let him go? Who’s to say?

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