The Mirandites

Jan 18, 2011

Well the work on the upstairs dungeon continues. Thanks to my hard working weekend slaves, they have managed to replace the entire ceiling upstairs and add spotlights and dimmer switches. The room looks amazing now. All that is needed now , is for it to be skimmed painted but even as it is now, the ceiling looks soooo good.
My 'Prisoner Cell Block M' is doing brilliantly, the brick and padded effects are in place, the metal work will arrive later this week and that will really transform the place once the bars are bolted into place. My gibbet cage is all ready to be put into place, transporting my slave from the main dungeon to the cell block. There is still a bit of work to be done and as it's done out of hours it has taken a little while longer but all good things come to those who wait.

I also need to thank my long serving domestic who stayed late on a Sunday night to get the room back to pristine condition ready for Monday morning sessions, what a team of loyal Mirandites I have on my side. Thank you all.

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