The MM Collection

Jul 5, 2012

What better way to start off the new season, then with a new season collection. What, you may ask, am I talking about? Well today playtime started with a bondage enthusiast like myself looking for something tight , tight , tight and of course, I couldn't disappoint. First, I decided I needed to take a leaf out of the habitats book and add a new chair to the dungeon, however with a touch of chic. I sat my slave across one leg of the whipping bench, facing out. Next I strapped him in place and covered him in the thickest most secure shrink wrap I could find. Accidentally (yeah right) I seemed to miss the nipples out of the arrangement. I needed to add a head-harness and gag which silences any protests before adding the piece de resistance, a birdie mask. What better way to compliment my room than to be transformed into the ultimate black wrapped bird chair. Obviously I needed to check out the comfort and accessibility of my new addition, and let me tell you it came up trumps. Then I realised that the nipple clamps were missing, so of course these needed attaching.

Next we travelled downstairs to create 'the hanging table' . Firstly, I fitted my slave into a suspension body harness, he then needed to be  silenced and blindfolded. Instead of the usual leather eyemask, I carefully applied the 'video specs' and headphones, linking them to my video camera. This way under a taped darkened head, swinging subbie could watch and learn from a mistress vantage point  his fate. Finally a tray table, fixed around the middle and harnessed to the neck gave excellent opportunities for dinner party drinks, serving style platters or my favourite,  a book rest so I could while away the hours reading.

Soon I realised that I needed a footrest. Black shrink wrap was the order of the day coupled with some serious ingenuity from yours truly, I now have the perfect totally encased bound footstall for every occasion!

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