The New Recruit

Aug 26, 2013

When a new boy comes to town I believe that it's all about giving them a little bit of everything to tickle their fancy and above all to give them a flavour of the true delights of Hanwell Manor. Naturally my preference with a new client is always for sessions of two hours or more because catering for a shorter period in such uncharted territory can make one so aware of the time constraints. I always do my utmost, however, to cover all of the most important aspects of the services I can offer. My preference is always to go wild with the bondage but for some slaves a basic level of restrain is adequate and so my own desires have to be tempered to fit the time available - as does my natural enthusiasm for all things electric. 
 Dealing with the my latest new recruit I decided to go along with his request to introduce a chastity device. Now I accept that having a constant reminder of one's mistress's vice-like grip on your gonads is not everyone's cup of tea - and is certainly not suitable for the married sub unless his lady of choice happens to share his fetish interest - but I always do my best to go along with a new sub's wishes if at all possible. This does, of course, requires some major initial decision to pick which device is most suitable because I have a plethora of different forms of chastity devices from which to choose.  There is also a major challenge to be overcomes because of the conflicting facts that fitting a device can be an arousing experience for a slave - and yet it is always easier to fit when the slave is at his limpest. You can, I am sure, see my dilemma. To have a genuine 'keyholder' and fitting service I require my slave to maintain a flaccid member,although I accept that this can be a major issue for the poor wretch  when a latex clad dominatrix is manhandling his Crown Jewels into a restrictive device.  Out of all the many chastity devices on the market, my overall preference is for custom-fit steel European engineering. However such devices require long-term planning and take time to get right, often requiring the potential user to return the device numerous times until it finally sits perfectly and tightly around their nether regions. It is therefore totally out of the question when dealing with a one-and-a-half hour session. Nevertheless, a simple plastic device, of which I have plenty in my Hanwell clinic can offer a fantasy element that assist with the control aspect of any session and my new slave seemed delighted with the frustrating result. So, in the end, what did I manage to teach my new sub in his 90 minute session, in addition to giving him a lecture on the need to plan for proper chastity enforcement? Well the answer is 'quite a lot.' Even in our relatively brief time together I gave my slave his very first taste of a variety of games, including electric treatment to his cock, balls and the insertion of an anal electrified plug. He loved my applying nipple clamps, or perhaps he was just too concerned to think of complaining. He enjoyed rope bondage, suspension, foot worship and anal training. Not a bad catalogue of sensations from a Mistress concerned with those tight time restrictions, is it? Bookmark and Share
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