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Aug 1, 2013

It must be something about the energy of this 'City that Never Sleeps' because my caning arm has been so invigorated that I actually broke two canes on one lucky American slave's backside in my very first CP session in the wonderful town of New York. After a late arrival Monday night, a very bad meal (only helped by a very nice bottle of wine) and a significant amount of jet lag, my Tuesday was all about gathering ground, rejuvenating myself after the craziness of San Francisco and preparing for an exciting and packed Wednesday. However, here I'm jumping ahead of myself and skipping over Tuesday, which was not without its own notable, enjoyable moments. With little time to spare in the Big Apple, my boudoir slave and I decided that a little sightseeing was essential . With so much to see and do here in Manhattan, deciding on where out priorities lay was difficult but we settled for a brief stop off at the world-famous Macy's department store before heading off in the summer heat to explore Central Park.

Knowing that the following day I had arranged to meet the wonderful Mistress Ariana, your ever glamorous Mistress realised that her hair was desperately in need of some serious attention. Visiting a hairdresser got my flowing locks back into tip top condition, albeit with a trainee who took 3.5 hours to finish! The delay made me late for my evening meeting with my partner's long term friends; you all know how your Mistress hates lateness in others - only to then be 30 minutes late herself. The meal however was amazing: God... I LOVE seafood! Trundling back to the hotel with more than a drop of my favourite Riesling in my system, my creative juices were well and truly flowing and I filmed a wonderful session in my beautiful hotel room with a backdrop view of New York City. Only trouble was that as soon as I had finished I realised that the bloody sound had never been switched on. So annoying but I'll blame the travelling and the lateness of the hour for that uncharacteristic mistake.

The good news was that the following morning my hair was still perfect and my nails were also done to perfection (thanks to the nail technicians at San Francisco airport) A short and pleasurable stroll from the hotel through midtown Manhattan, brought me and my partner to the doorstep of the amazing Mistress Ariana. I was soooo excited to meet this wonderful lady, having heard such great things about her. You know how it is when you sometimes meet someone for the first time and things feel a little bit awkward? Well this was most definitely NOT the case here. In fact I was pleasantly surprised to find how many similarities there are between Mistress Ariana and myself. Both of us have been pro-dommes for 18 years and both have been located in our own premises for a decade. We even have similar tastes in slaves and I was fascinated, after our initial chat to explore some of the differences between American and UK subs. I learned that Mistress Ariana has worked in the UK before, although it is some 13 years since she last sessioned on our side of the Atlantic.

Looking around her premises, it was clear that Mistress Ariana has a similar passion to me for what she does. Her intriguing collection of equipment includes a custom-made suspension rig with moveable parts in her main dungeon, a genuine, motorised, 1960's birthing chair (that I am truly envious of) in her medical wing and a bondage bed in her third room which also had suspension facilities to die for. Beyond that I haven't even touched upon the numerous hoods and other BDSM paraphernalia dotted around the spacious dungeon. Set in such a central location, there is naturally a huge demand for Mistress Ariana's skills. However, just like me, Mistress does not session with EVERYBODY. she will only take subs who fit her remit and is never afraid to let clients know if she feels they are not likely to prove compatible.

Fortunately the slave who had been lined-up for me to play with on Wednesday really knew his place. After selecting a number of suitable implements, I wasted no time at all in hooking subbie up to a unique rig using garage door springs (you will have to watch the upcoming video for a more detailed picture) It appears that my time in America has brought out the best and the worst in my caning arm because my 'no nonsense' approach, alas, broke two of the canes into pieces. Naturally the subbie was suitable chastised for being so careless as to allow his ass to ruin Mistress's implements: 'What a bastard,' I commented at the time.

I needed some outdoor, still photographs and so asked Mistress Ariana for her ideas of New York's signature building.'The Flatiron,' she said. 'It so sums up this city as its most iconic building, that no shoot would be complete without it.' Despite the 86 degrees afternoon heat, I walked, fully kitted out in thigh boots, metal gear and hot pants to get a good shot with that in the background. En route I passed a New York Yankees store; what better way to celebrate all that is NY than some Yankee team goodies, perfect for the POV video back in my room. I did after all have to remake the video in which the sound had failed he previous evening. I wish I could have bottled the view to show you all.

Having visited this city 'that never sleeps...' I now completely understand what the infamous Sinatra was singing about. The hustle and bustle of the day seeps into the night and beyond.  So much so that it is now midnight and my partner and I have decided that the last outdoor video scene needs to be shot in Times Square. With the sheer volume of people always there, however, the only way to shoot useable footage will be to film VERY early in the morning. So here's hoping that, before our next flight to Pittsburg, we can drag our arses out of bed in time for me to look presentable for a film. I plan to look great on camera - so perhaps our biggest worry is in trying to ensure that the Time Square traffic will keep on moving, without me being such a distraction that I cause an accident. As they say: Watch This Space.

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