The Newest Slave-girl Sensation

Apr 12, 2015

 It was great to meet a new submissive girl this week when she was brought to my chambers by a switch client who wanted a complicated, but good fun, game of fantasy play involving me punishing both of them thoroughly before recruiting the woman to help me teach the guy a lesson he will not forget in a hurry. This new playmate, a young, attractive, mixed-race girl really wants to make her Mistress happy and I was delighted to find that she will do anything that she is told to do without hesitation and without questioing my orders in any way at all. In the right circumstances she obeys her Mistress in all things, including sucking cock bareback to prove just how utterly obedient she can be.

The scene this week involved me returning unexpectedly to my Hanwell dungeons and finding that the man had brought a woman into my chambers without asking my permission. In my fantasy role I showed him just how angry I could be about his insolence and how angry I could be that he was already mistreating the poor girl when I walked into the room. I brushed aside his pathetic excuses that he 'thought I was still away on holiday' and that the girl liked being physically and mentally dominated. I decided that they both needed to be strapped down straightaway.

Starting with the guy I soon had him immobile on my bondage throne in the suspension room and told him to take a last look around at his girlfriend and his surroundings before I added his blindfold and my new Studio Gun gag with its internal 'tongue' that ensures that my slaves stop protesting and just have to accept whatever I have decided to do to them. As soon as I knew he was unable to see a thing I made him listen to what I was doing to the slavegirl, especially those juicy sounding moments when I shoved my fingers in and out of her wet pussy. He was getting so excited but that increased tenfold when I slippped his gag out and made him suck her juices from my latex gloves before they were wiped clean over his face,

Feeling that he had slightly redeemed himself I decided to let him help me punish the female miscreant as well. She was soon tied down on her back with her legs stretched between poles in the suspension room, her pussy filled with my never-tiring fucking machine... and a Magic Wand vibrator pressing against her clit. I even went to the trouble of using my strap-on to give her a good seeing to while he watched before getting the wretched male slave to join in with her abuse.

It was clear that the guy was having just way too much fun and I suggested the girl change into a sexy rubber outfit before we all decamped to the medical room to put him back in his proper place on my medical bench. I must say that it was helpful to have such a willing assistant to sit on my client's face at the right moment and to then suck his cock until he was bursting with frustration. It was time for we women to reach a finale with a double strapon fucking of his rear and, unsurprisingly after such a lengthy session, a thorough milking

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