The Pain of Excess

Nov 22, 2012

Where possible I try to live the principles of a healthy lifestyle, taking regular exercise and diet into the equation and attempting to keep a reasonable fitness level. However, I like the rest of us am constantly battling temptation as there are so many damn good foods and drinks. Recently I’ve discovered that my ultimate favourite wine is German Riesling, appealing to my sweet tooth. The problem is one taste is never enough and caution flows out the window once the bottle opens. This is not to suggest that it’s a regular thing for me, but, it is another obstacle in the search for a perfect form. Chocolate, biscuits, sweets etc as also in the equation on a daily basis but I try to limit what i eat of these food sources. The point I’m trying to make here is that it’s not easy and I understand VERY well how hard the temptations call out from the fridge. So, when I receive an ‘enforced exercise’ session request from an over indulging slave of course I’m always happy to help.

My slave stands before me naked, ready to understand the rigours of body and weight circuit training. Lucky for him my hobby is also backed up by Certificate in Fitness Instruction (which has spurned me on to also go for the Personal trainer certificate to be started soon) so I feel I’m pretty ready to design something challenging. As luck would have it for my sub, I’ve a small kettle bell in the dungeon which alas I don’t use for training here as often as id like, but has proved very useful to tether a good pair of balls on to a regular basis. Anyway, I’m always ready to help a wannabe trainer on the correct path and give him a push in the right direction. So, exercise 1, ‘kettle bell swings’. This exercise is nice and challenging as it targets a lot of muscles at once and certainly gets the cardio vascular system working well. A set of 12 of these, shortly followed by 12 jumping jacks, 12, a set of bicep curls and the final exercise some crunches. I’ve managed to hit a large chunk of muscle groups with these exercises and put my slave under stress.

To say my slave was sweating is an understatement. Towering over him in my menacing leather clad heels, it was a to my slaves advantage to keep up the pace, after all yours truly was standing over him yielding a sturdy whip, crop, paddle and finally cane to get the most out of my slave. I informed him that he needed to do 5 sets of 12 of each for exercises. I allowed a brief pause for him to catch his breath but of course the penalty came that if a brief breather was needed, it had to take place on the whipping bench allowing me to practice my swing and land some formidable strokes on his ass. Funny how a bit of an incentive does drive the body forward somewhat faster. If I ever give up my day job, I think I’d like to open my own gym, allowing subs galore to train with me. Of course, my training would be with me in some not so suitable attire wielding a huge whip or dildo as the unfortunately male that didn’t keep up. Gosh now I’m daydreaming!!! So if any of you out there own a gym, give me a call, I’m sure ill whip your members into shape in not time lol.

It took half an hour to compete his circuit, with the obvious need to catch his breath (with occasional trips to the whipping bench to get a punishment break). My dear subbie is a tad portly but nothing that I can’t change I assure you. The rest of the remaining session was spent continuing the healthy eating and exercise message, however even after half an hour my poor slave was still sweating and exhausted. I couldn’t help but laugh, sympathy doesn’t lay here I’m afraid. I will admit to having a jolly good time, the same could be said for my slave but I can’t be sure. Let’s just say mission accomplished on my front.

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