The Pilates Man

Dec 10, 2010

As you can see from the title, i had a pilates enthuasist in my door and what flexibility he had.

Ofcourse i had the opportunity to challenge him with some of my most taxing bondage. Put on top of my cage with his legs bent completely back, I decided that it would be an interesting test to not only milk him dry, but bend him in such a way that, he cums in his own mouth and across his face. I knew that funnel gag would come in handy.

Next I suspended him in a hogtie, not the usual way, (in fact a way id never done before) hooking a bar behind his knees and using lots of available rope for round two of the milking and swallowing. That magic wand takes no prisoners!!!!

We will be seeing more of this guy, Im sure.


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