The Return of the Silent Movie

Dec 8, 2012

Another eventful day at Hanwell Manor with a filming extravaganza planned and executed. The crazy part of it however is yours truly is still suffering from a potent Lurgee. Admittedly I actually feel ok, I’ve bypassed the training all week as my lung capacity just couldn’t have taken the strain but luckily due to a reasonable level of fitness it’s stood me in good stead to continue about my daily plans. However a morning visit to the doctors has also helped as a good dose of anti-biotics, steroids for my breathing and inhalers couldn’t be more welcome to hit the symptoms on the head with a hammer. So filming was the interesting part as I literally had NO VOICE at all, which in fact could be more menacing as whispering threats and reminding my slaves that silence isn’t a virtue as I wanted to hear them make the screams I couldn’t.

My first film star is an experienced rope man himself, and arriving early gave him time to prepare his outfit whilst I prepared myself. I couldn’t believe my ears when Mr Rope said he hadn’t been to see me for 3 years. Wow time does indeed fly and let’s just say I’m glad that the rest of you don’t wait that long as id be extremely bored indeed. I knew my slave had a penchant for the extreme side of bondage and you know me, never shy of a challenge so I wasted no time to invert his rope clad body and set to work. With inversion, I’m still able to access all the vital parts of his body so I wasted no time in hooking up a rigid wide posture collar, wrenching the arms back and fitting urethral, nipple and anal electrics. I explained to my slave that I was intending to drag his safe word from him electrically as he had previously stated that he’s good at taking electro-stim. Indeed that may be the case but the words red rag to a bull also spring to mind. I wanted to prolong the misery, working rapidly but paced to give my subbie time to accommodate the ever increasing pulse, judging by his responses how easily he could manage just that bit more for me. When I felt the time was right for surrender, I pushed him over the edge and got what I wanted.

The next position involved lots of rope and suspension again only this time in the form of a suspension hogtie. I made sure that the nipples, cock and balls were easily accessible despite the multi layers of bondage and set about my task of raising him to pastures new. Now, those of you who know me well know I love to use every loose end of rope, every d ring and when a subbie arrives with a corset littered with d rings I just have to use to loops. Additional ropes were fitted to the ceiling and joined to the corset for effect. Swinging Mr Rope back and forth was an enjoyable sight, trussed, tied and available and utterly helpless, I could have watched him all day. However there was another safe word to extract via the same means, after all I have to show what my boxes can really do.

Mr Rope was finally ushered upstairs for more intense bondage, tease and not so much of the denial and his last stretched out roped position was completed. Yes, this time he was drained off, he had earned it. Thank you Mr Rope for a good start to a mammoth day. It’s strange, despite the busyness of my lifestyle, I never grow bored, tired or fed up with playing. I’m constantly looking for new things to do, ways to do it and different people to play with. I’m already planning my next week’s filming scenes, God knows when ill make a start on the editing? Probably in the New Year but in the meantime, lights camera and action.

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