The Torpedo Has Landed

May 24, 2012

Its not long usually from the purchase of a new toy to its full usage in Hanwell Manor. However, there were two giant plugs that have not managed to root there way into an accommodating ass....until now. The giant metal plug has sat on the shelves in my medical room, a reminder of purchases that can fall by the wayside. However, a visit from a regular sub today on a mission to push the boundaries found the Gigantasour plug hammering home. It took a lot of persuasion, a light aroma of excitement and a determined Mistress to coax push and will the thing in....YES there it goes.

Once it was in place the next step was to encourage the sub to cope with the expansion in his rear long enough to experience the delights of it being hooked up to the erostec 312 box. What a pumping he received. Well done slave X you have done me proud.

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