The Virgin

Nov 11, 2013

 A BDSM virgin can be so rewarding for me so you can imagine my delight at the arrival of just such a novice and new player in my dungeon this week. It give me the chance to introduce a myriad of new sensations which such fresh meat will remember forever. He will naturally never be the same again because how can you ever relock my Pandora's box of delights? I knew as soon as this new slave contacted me that I was going to have a fun afternoon with him. The clue is naturally in the short (1 hour) booking. I knew he would be nervously waiting for me after climbing the stairs past the vast collection of boots and outfits which adorn my entrance alone. so, of course, I decided to leave my latest prey to stew for a few minutes before my arrival.

its plain to see that nerves have taken over...stuttering and stammering at the simplest of questions, my slave gives very little away about his innermost desires. that ok, I can tease his responses and find out from the body language observed what works and indeed what does not. its one thing seeing the equipment in the room, but a whole different ball game having some stranger whom you have only just met render you completely helpless and rapidly get about getting to grips with your most intimate parts:you squealing with pleasure or pain reveals lots. I quickly learn I have a rubber slut, a cock sucking, strap-on loving submissive that likes a bit of a challenge. 'Lets see how far down your throat you can get this fat cock' I tease. 'Mine is so much bigger than yours, perhaps I need to punish your cock with mine. Perhaps a spell on the wanking machine to make you even more willing to please.'

An hour does indeed pass oh so rapidly, but being a mistress of numerous talents I manage to tie my slave to the kneeling bench, the medical couch spread out in missionary before ordering my slave to his knees for the most mind blowing orgasm of his life.....or should I perhaps ruin this one today? Leave him on the brink of sexual frustration knowing all night his attempts to wank his cock into submission will fail.....the choice as always is mine.

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