The Whole 9 Yards

Aug 16, 2014

 Caring for the medical fetish needs and sexual wellbeing of so many patients means that my alter ego ‘Nurse Despair’ sometimes needs to make an early start to her busy days at the Hanwell Clinic: particularly since the completion of the extensive refurbishments and additions to the medical room which are proving highly popular with both the patients and my visiting dommes and fellow Mistresses alike. Thus it was that I found myself already involved in an intense and intricate medical scene at the very start of the day. Starting so early was actually a very good thing because I knew that there was a great deal to get through and a series of complex treatments needed to be administered. As always, however, Nurse Despair was ready and waiting as always, eager to get her hands on her patient’s problem areas.


Returning to the new wing of the ‘Hanwell Clinic for the Sexually Awry’ was a big step for my latest patient who had not been with me for treatment for a period of four years or more. The shock of encountering so many new facilities and treatments after so long an absence could have been potentially catastrophic to his sexual systems and so I was glad that I could take my time and ease him gently back into a treatment regime in the caring hands of a kind and understanding nurse. Actually… I’m lying from the outset because what happened in reality what that Nurse Despair plunged him instantly into an intensive hypno-reprogramming session to make up for his four years of neglect within one intense three hours of unyielding therapy.


This was a two-stage operation: firstly the primary inspection of each and every one of his bodily orifices to explore weaknesses, promote expansion where required and to establish a baseline for further treatment. To this end, I dressed my patient in a full body latex suit which still allowed his nurse unfettered access to his nipples and genitalia. I soon realised that his nipples were badly in need of both suction and electro-stimulation and these were soon in place sucking and pumping. Moving on to his buccal cavity, I stretched his lips wide before proceeding to gag reflex training before heading lower to examine even more intimate areas of his body.


My initial anal probing revealed that some considerable expansion was required and this was achieved by the introduction of a suitably-sized metal electro-plug, combined with full catheterisation to drain and collect the patient’s urine flow. Because of the quantities produced it proved necessary at irregular intervals to recycle his production into his own gagged mouth, a practice that fully fits in with the Hanwell Clinic’s latest drive to recycle all emissions wherever possible. The final step in this examination phase was to remove the catheter to allow some urethral dilation with the aid of a range of metal sounds and to move on to a series of breathing tests which fully examined the patient’s lung capacity and experimented with his mental capacity to control his own fears of breath control.


Phase 2, upped the ante somewhat with a new additional bodybag enclosure play but this time with a 'top down' approach. The patient’s mouth, nipples cock and arse were all, in turn, tested to higher extremes in a series of experiments that introduced intense, five-minute bursts of pain and discomfort. The idea was, of course, to test out the release of the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ and to see if this would increase his susceptibility to the clinic’s hypno-suggestion techniques. As my fellow medical practitioners will know, it is essential during such treatments to keep the patient hydrated and it was necessary for Nurse Despair to produce considerable quantities of her own fluids to help in this regard. Some was administered through piss-recycling and some through dripping her saliva into his stretched and still-gagged mouth. The success of the day was demonstrated by the patients producing a hands-free sample for his nurse through the power of electro-stim sounds alone. Another satisfied patient who I am sure will not leave it so long again before returning to the Hanwell fold.

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